Good News: The Best Peel-Off Masks Aren't the Most Expensive

To say that face masks are having a moment is an understatement. Just scroll through your Instagram feed, and you are bound to see a model or two posing in the of-the-moment skincare treatment. And, while face masks of all types are on the rise, we have noticed one mask in particular—the peel-off mask—becoming something of a skincare staple amongst the selfie scene.

So what's all the excitement about? Known for lifting clogged pores and dry skin, peel-off masks work wonders on a complexion, and for that reason alone, we can't get enough of them. From metallic masks that firm and tighten to face masks formulated with purifying red clay, we've rounded up a few of our favorite peel-off masks for your skin-pampering pleasure. For the clearing, tightening, and brightening face masks we can't stop talking about, keep on reading.