Peel Off Foundation Is All Over YouTube: Here's What We Know

We're aware that there are some pretty crazy beauty products out there, from scalp stretchers to nose shapers, and we thought we'd seen it all. In fact, we've done our fair share product testing with some rather interesting beauty treatments before—think at-home foot peels, leg-shaping tights, and similar novel items.

Alas, there is always something new to learn and original to see. We're talking about a Korean beauty product that promises to diminish acne, prime for makeup application, and protect from environmental impurities. It sounds amazing, right? Wait until you hear what it is: a peel-off makeup base. We're not kidding. You apply it to your skin, put makeup on over the top, wear it throughout the day, then come home and peel-off. Apparently there's no need for any face oils or makeup remover; you just painlessly peel away.

Keep scrolling to see this peel-off product in action.

NOT4U Real Skin Patch $19

NOT4U Real Skin Patch is waterproof and designed to be seven times thinner than regular acne or skin patches. You apply it to clean skin as you would a moisturizer or primer, and after it dries down and sets, you apply your makeup as you normally would—foundation first, then concealer, and so on. This way your makeup isn't sitting on your actual skin, clogging your pores, or causing oiliness. Just like how the makeup can't get onto your skin, neither can environmental agressors, toxins, or pollution (or so it claims). In this way, some people say it's helped diminish their acne and subsequently boost the health of their skin.

YouTube beauty vlogger Raye Boyce tested it out. She wasn't particularly in love with the result, which she said was textured, uneven, and prone to premature peeling. However, she did film the epic removal process, which was startling, creepy, and kind of fun to watch.

Does anyone else think this has major Halloween potential? Instead of complicated spiderweb liner or ornate Day of the Dead makeup, just apply this, put makeup over the top, and peel halfway off. It's creepy-cool in the best way. Plus, it seems healthier for your skin than the chemically laden Halloween makeup palettes that hit the shelves this time of year.

And who knows, you might end up loving the product for daily wear, too. Another YouTube beauty vlogger, Omehabiba Khan, tried the same product on a breakout (not on her whole face like Boyce did). This seemed to work much better, making us think that "patch" is the keyword, here. If the product is concentrated in a small area, it seems to stay put, not curling up at the edges or texturizing the skin too much.

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