This Multi-Use Bar Soap Has Me Rethinking My Head-to-Toe Shower Routine

It’s meant for your face, hair, body, and hands.

Peach, Soap


For years I've used basic bars of soap in fear that anything more "fun" would irritate my dry skin. High-school-me would’ve loved to expand my options to the bubbly and berry scented body wash sets I was always gifted around the holidays and wind up regifting. It wasn't until recently when a box of colorful Peach soaps arrived at my door that I had hope for something colorful and fragrant to brighten up my showers without compromising my skin. Peach is a newly launched (Oct. 20) sustainable brand taking the concept of bar soaps to new levels. The collection contains bar soap for body, hands, face, and hair (yes, shampoo and conditioner). 

Peach, Soap

Clean, Sustainable, and Pretty

"With the launch of Peach, using bar soap is being turned completely on its head. The colors, scents, and format are fresh and fun, playing into the idea that personal care and beauty is meant to be enjoyable," explains Luana Bumachar, VP of Owned Brands + Innovation. The 10 bars are made in small batches with high-quality ingredients, "making the manufacturing process artisanal and sustainable." Plus, Peach’s packaging is 100% plastic-free and comes in only small, recyclable boxes.

To put it in perspective, its shampoo and conditioner bars, which are about the size of a regular hand or body soap bar, last over 100 washes. That's about how many washes you get from two to three 8.5 ounce bottles of shampoo or conditioner (hello, savings). And the reason why my dry, sensitive skin is so thankful is that Peach's formula is also clean meaning no harsh sulfates (SLS, SLES), synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, and silicones. Director of Sustainability Danielle Jezienicki says the brand's goal is to give you "the seamless tools needed to take the first step to living a more sustainable life, starting in your bathroom." 

The Complete Cleansing Experience


Peach, Hydrating Facial Bar
Peach Hydrating Facial Bar $13

The soaps aren’t one size fits all. For the face, there are the Balancing and Hydrating bars. Both infused with rosehip and coconut oils for a clean that doesn’t strip your skin. I grabbed the green Hydrating bar ideal for normal to dry skin with hyaluronic acid which I easily worked into a foamy lather. Despite the suds, my skin didn’t feel tight or irritated after washing. Did I mention the pink grapefruit scent? Refreshing.

Body and Hands

Peach, Moisturizing
Peach Moisturizing Hand and Body Bar $8

This was the real test since as soon as it gets even the least bit cooler outside, I need cleansers that are heavy on moisturizing properties for all-over. There are two hand and body soaps: the Deep Cleansing which exfoliates, and the Moisturizing Hand and Body Bar, which is the one that I used. With a base of shea butter, passionfruit seed oil, and coconut oil, you can feel this soap sealing in a layer of moisture as you shower. It felt like I had just applied body oil, except I was wearing only soap suds, and a few hours my usual post-shower dryness was non-existent. The raspberry scent and pop of pink just added to the already extensive list of reasons why I'll be replacing my body soaps with this one.


Peach, Conditioner
Peach Moisturizing Conditioner Bar $13

I have natural coils that are usually in braids until wash day every one to two weeks. The shampoo and conditioner bars offer three options: Strengthening, Volumizing, and Moisturizing. I was intrigued by these mostly since this was my introduction to hair bar soap. After having handfuls of pricey shampoos and conditioners slide off my hands and get washed down the drain enough times, I was very willing to try this no-spill solution.

Key Ingredients

Shea butter is especially ideal for natural hair. Mixed in conditioners it smooths the hair, eliminating any frizz, tangles, and dullness.

I worked the Moisturing shampoo bar into a foamy lather at the crown of my head as per Peach's directions. It's coconut and lavender-scented and infused with shea butter base, babassu, and coconut oils. I followed up with the corresponding conditioner bar which you smooth against your hair from roots to ends. As I worked it through with a comb, I was pleasantly surprised at how soft my hair felt and how easy it was to detangle after. I have natural coils that are usually in braids until wash day every one to two weeks, so the wash was worth the wait. Both these pink bars did the job.

Post-Shower Thoughts

After a full head-to-toe and sensory shower experience using Peach's versatile range, I'm rethinking my basic bar soaps. I was a bit skeptical about the conditioner but wouldn't mind using it again, especially since it made combing through my hair much easier than expected. My favorite product by far was the Moisturizing hand and body bar which I can definitely see myself using through the winter for my dry skin. While basic soap bars will always have a special place in my heart, I'm happy to finally take part in the "fun" stuff throughout the holiday season.

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