Peach Hair Is All Over Pinterest, and We're Mesmerized

We are in the midst of a pastel hair moment. All it takes is a scroll through Instagram, and it seems like every top salon, colorist, and influencer is bouncing between orangey-pink hues with buzzy names like blorange, millennial pink, and pink champagne. It’s probably because these hues complement virtually all skin tones (and, might we add, are perfectly fitting for happy summer #vibes). When it comes down to it, though, they’re all just slightly different variations of a pastel classic: peach.

No matter how much we love peach, it can be a tricky color to get right. After all, achieving a perfect blend of color is never guaranteed, especially when it comes to pastels. We don’t want fiery orange or bubblegum pink; we’re looking for a soft, subtle blend of both. So, to better your chances of peachy success and ease some of that pre-hair transformation anxiety, we consulted some hair color experts. Keep scrolling to read their genius tips and tricks for getting and maintaining the perfect peach hair color.