Peach Is The New Cool Girl Hair Color and We're Mesmerized

copper hair colours: model with peach hair

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It seems like for the past few years, we've been in the midst of a pastel hair moment that shows no sign of slowing down. All it takes is a scroll through Instagram, and it seems like every top salon, colorist, and influencer is bouncing between orangey-pink hues with buzzy names like blorange, millennial pink, and pink champagne. The reason for their popularity is probably because these hues complement virtually all skin tones (and, might we add, are perfectly fitting for summer). When it comes down to it, though, they’re all just slightly different variations of a pastel classic: peach.

No matter how much we love peach, it can be a tricky color to get right, and even harder to maintain. After all, achieving a perfect blend of color is never guaranteed, especially when it comes to pastels.

To ensure you’re getting the tone and vivacity you’re looking for, Bianca Bruno, lead educator at GlamSquad NYC, advocates for the age-old, no-fail technique of showing your stylist a picture of your ideal look.

"The shade you’re going for should be achievable based on your base color. If you have jet-black hair, you’re going to get a darker orange, while a light blonde can achieve that pastel rose gold,” Bruno says

When you're getting peach hair color, you likely don’t want fiery orange or bubblegum pink; you’re looking for a soft, subtle blend of both. To better your chances of peachy success and ease some of that pre-hair transformation anxiety, we consulted some hair color experts, including the colorist behind indie singer Willa's vibrant peach locks.

Frank Friscioni of Oon Arvelo Salon in New York City co-mixes a base color with a touch of warmth, blending pink, rose, apricot, and peach to get the overall intended effect. It's the best way to achieve that soft, glowy color you're going for, he says.

Keep scrolling to learn all about how to achieve and maintain a perfectly peachy hue, complete with plenty of inspiration photos.

Meet the Expert

• Bianca Bruno is a lead educator at GlamSquad NYC.

• Frank Friscioni is a hair colorist at Oon Arvelo Salon in New York City.

Peach Hair Color

Choosing a Shade: Be mindful of your existing base color, as well as the undertones in your skin. Your stylist can work with you on finding a shade that fits your desired look and maintenance level.

Maintenance Level: Friscioni suggests setting up appointments every four weeks (or three, depending on your hair growth and genetics). This look takes multiple sessions to achieve, so be patient. Bruno also recommends making a follow-up appointment with your colorist one to two weeks post-dye to tone and refresh the shade.

Goes Great With: Bronze eyeshadow and a red lip. Really, this hair color looks great with any bold or minimal makeup look you'd like to try.

Similar Shades: Rose gold and rose quartz are two great alternatives.

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The Exact Right Shade

peach to blonde ombre hair

Peach can mean different things to different people. Like the dynamic shade above, you're free to incorporate various tones into the look.

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Peach on a Brunette Base

Woman with brunette to peach ombre hair


Just be mindful and realistic regarding your current color and what you expect in the end. As seen in this shot above, the client started with a brunette base, which means they didn't pre-lighten before dyeing.

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Going Bright

Keep in mind that if you do have dark hair and your end goal is a bright peach, it will take multiple sessions to achieve (otherwise, count on inflicting some serious damage to your hair, if your hairdresser is willing to do it at all).

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Dimensional Color

warm peach blonde hair color with bangs

But how do you make the color dimensional, not solid? The colorist will mix a myriad of shades together, as Sarah from Rubi Malvernrom did here. Combining two solid shades of pink and orange just isn’t enough for a dimensional look.

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Maintaining a Vibrant Peach

Woman with long peach hair wig and a cup of boba tea


Schedule hair touch-ups more frequently than not. The upkeep for peach hair isn’t all that bad, as long as you take the time to properly care for it. Friscioni suggests setting up appointments every four weeks (or three, depending on your hair growth and genetics).

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Keeping Waves Peachy

To prevent premature fading and keep hair as shiny as these waves, look for an at-home hair gloss to maintain color, and invest in a quality color-safe mask and heat-protectant spray.

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Soft Peach Highlights

Medium-length straight hair with soft peach highlights


If you’re still a little hesitant to go all-in on the peach trend, don't worry. While this sleek style here combines peach highlights and a soft pink finish that we love, you don't have to go all out in one go. Take the color for a test run sans dye by buying a wig or trying out extensions in that tone, so you get an idea of how that color will look on your skin before taking the jump.

Try a hair tint like Lime Crime's Sushi Hair Color Tint in Muted Peach ($16) or Shrine's Drop It Peach Hair Dye Drops ($17)—though know they won't offer long-lasting color.

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This Laid Back Look

Peach highlights on long curled hair


This balmy color looks super laid-back. Stylist Kryssi at IGK Salon in Soho used Overtone Color and IGK styling products to achieve the peachy hue and relaxed waves here.

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A More Muted Peach

Kate Hudson with peach and blonde hair and a natural makeup look

Getty Images

As the experts mentioned, make sure to discuss options with your stylist beforehand, not only to make sure your expectations are met, but to ensure the new color will work with your undertones. We love how this peachy-blonde color complements Kate Hudson's complexion.

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Warm, Dimensional Peach

Indie singer Willa Milner definitely knows a thing or two about rocking peach. Makenna Elmore at Lola Salon in Toronto mixed peach and blush tones, using Wella's Color Create line in Hyper Coral ($9), Nudist Pink ($14), and Clear ($9). Makenna told us that while Willa is a light warm blonde naturally, they really wanted to make a statement with this color. First, she did a full head of babylights and then applied the peach.

She cautioned against over-lightening the hair, saying you tend to want warmth so that "your peach holds stronger and that you provide a base for more depth."

The stylists' other recommendations include Evo Fabulouso custom color conditioner ($60) to refresh vibrant colors, as well as Davines All-In-One Milk ($35), mostly for heat protection when styling. Elmore says that heat protectant is helpful since "people would be shocked to see how much color disappears with the use of their hot tools," and Davines This Is A Shimmering Mist ($31) can help your color "shimmer and reflect sunlight for days."

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Going Light Peach

Take a scroll through Instagram and odds are you'll find endless hair inspiration. YouTuber Monica Kim has adapted this light peach color as her signature shade.

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Cool Peach

Woman with curly peach-toned hair in high bun


This striking peach on Janibell Rosane stands out because of its soft, cool tones.

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Peachy Ombré Curls

We love how model and all-around creative Portia Ferrari's brunette curls slowly morph into a vibrant peach. The subtle copper tones give this pastel color a swift edge that's so mesmerizing. To get a similar tone, mix a few pastels and reds together to create your own hue.

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Temporary Tint

Woman with orange-toned, loosely curled peach hair


We love this incredible temporary pastel peach. As we mentioned earlier, a washable color is a great and risk-free way to test the waters on a new look. Recreate this shade with Lighter Daze Peach Fuzz ($18) from singer Hayley Williams and Brian O'Connor's haircare line, Good Dye Young. Honestly, the color speaks for itself.

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Blunt Bangs

While peach looks great on all lengths of hair, the shade really packs a punch on shorter cuts. Blunt bangs highlight your features with the pastel shade.

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Bright Peachy Blonde

Here, darker peach roots and warm blonde ends look peachy and sun-kissed. You'll want to ask your colorist for a peachy base plus babylights to achieve the brighter tones woven in.

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Peach Pixie Cut

Peach tones look amazing on a super cropped cut. Pair with a nude eye and lip look to put your features in focus.

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Peach Balayage

Long, wavy hair with peach balayage


Peach can look super dimensional as a way to spice up balayage and hair that has been partially pre-lightened. Start with a deeper base for a subtle ombré effect down to bright, coppery ends.

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Ombré Peach

Auburn roots and bright, peachy-blonde ends make up this perfect ombré shade, worn with laid-back, lived-in waves.

  • Which skin tone suits peach hair?

    Peach hair can look amazing on all skin types. Because it warms up the complexion but it's still more on the neutral side, it can flatter an array of undertones. It's a fresh, youthful shade.

  • How do you keep peach hair?

    It really depends on your starting shade. If your hair is pre-bleached or you're naturally very blonde, you can oftentimes get away with using a semi-permanent dye or toner every month or so to keep the shade in your hair. If you're a darker shade of brunette, you'll need more levels of processing to achieve and maintain peach hair.

  • Can you tone peach hair?

    Yes. Pros recommend using a toner to keep your color looking true and minimize any unwanted tones. You can visit the salon every few weeks for a toner or gloss treatment to keep your tone on-point. And if you're dying your hair at home, there are color-depositing shampoos and conditioners that can help boost peach shades.

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