Peace Out's Dark Spot Serum Is Packed With Skincare Actives for Long-Term Payoff

To treat multiple causes of hyperpigmentation.

Darkspot Serum

Peace Out Skincare

Personal experience is a fantastic source of inspiration, and this proves especially true in the beauty business. Enrico Frezza, the CEO of Peace Out Skincare, is no exception. After a trip to the beauty aisle left him wanting more, the beauty founder had a skincare epiphany. "After a quick five-minute walk to the store last year, I experienced a pretty nasty bout of hyperpigmentation on half of my face," Frezza shares. That single experience ultimately inspired the creation of the brand's first serum created to treat scars and dark spots.

Designed as a one-step treatment, Peace Out Skincare's new Dark Spot Serum ($29) uses powerful ingredients to target hyperpigmentation and melasma—a launch that's perfectly timed as we dive deeper into our skincare routines for the spring and summer seasons. 

Ahead, learn more about the inspiration behind the dark spot treatment, plus learn more about the formula. 

The Inspiration

Frezza is open and transparent about his acne journey, along with his recent battle with severe melasma. As such, he was ultimately inspired to develop a one-step treatment after the products available failed to provide long-term results. "Treatments would only help to a degree and as soon as I was exposed to the sun, hyperpigmentation started all over again," he explains to Byrdie.

Using his own experience as a reference, Frezza decided to create the Dark Spot Serum with beneficial ingredients that could help treat the multiple causes of hyperpigmentation. "I noticed that many other brands on the market focused on highlighting one or two ingredients, but I was more interested in combining various ingredients to target a wide range of things that cause dark spots," he explains. "It is essential to combine all of these ingredients to see results."

The Formula

The Dark Spots Serum formula is a powerhouse of acids featuring a potent blend of 10% AHAs, 3% Tranexamic Acid, and potent skincare actives—including Kojic Acid & Alpha-Arbutin—which all work together to brighten and refine the skin’s surface. It's all about targeting dark spots at the source, and this formula promises to deliver both a brighter complexion and long-term payoff. 

"This supercharged serum is a one-step solution to add to your routine to help alleviate hyperpigmentation and gradually brighten skin with the addition of niacinamide and tranexamic acids," Frezza shares. "It also helps to prevent new dark spots from appearing."

You can also apply to areas of the body where you suffer from discoloration such as the back, shoulders, and buttocks.

According to Frezza, the product differs from other treatments on the market because the unique blend of ingredients is easily absorbed by the skin to achieve faster results. "There’s no other product on the market like it." He concludes: "As with all my products, I tested Dark Spots Serum on myself first and since I have been using it, I have not had hyperpigmentation."

Dark Spot Serum
Peace Out Skincare Dark Spot Serum $29.00

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