Payot's New Treatment Serums May Make Period Breakouts a Thing of the Past

Purify, soothe, and energize your skin throughout your cycle.

Payot Serums


If you're someone who menstruates, you already know that the physical symptoms (think: cramps, bloating, fatigue, etc.) can be a lot to deal with every month. And if that wasn't enough, our menstrual cycle can also do a number on our skin. When we're menstruating, we often notice we have more acne than usual, our complexion is a bit duller, and our skin feels perpetually parched.

That's why French skincare brand Payot set out to develop My Period, a collection of treatment serums that will rebalance your skin during your cycle. The treatment program includes nine serums designed to take care of your skin at the beginning, during, and after your cycle. Payot carefully created the serums to include a unique formula for each stage. 

For the first three days of your period, you'll use the purifying serums. "At the beginning of menstruation, testosterone and progesterone levels surpass estrogen levels," the Payot team says. "As a result, pores dilate and sebum production increases, which is why small pimples and imperfections can appear." The purifying serums can target these concerns thanks to its star ingredient, Chilean mint extract, which reduces blemishes' appearance. 

When you hit day four of your cycle, you'll begin using the soothing serums. "During the period, cortisol’s (stress hormone) concentration fluctuates," the Payot team explains. "It causes mood swings, but it also has an impact on skin sensitiveness. Skin is more reactive and can get dryer." To combat the skin's dehydration, the soothing serums are infused with nourishing jasmine extract. 

Payot My Period
Payot My Period $26.00

On day seven to nine of your period, you'll round things out with the energizing serums. "At the end of the menstrual cycle, levels of iron and red blood cells are at their lowest, and the increase in sebum secretion has given way to a dull complexion," the Payot team points out. "It explains the loss of radiance and some visible signs of fatigue." To boost radiance and rejuvenate your complexion, the energizing serums were formulated with sweet orange extract. 

Overall, the brand recommends following the treatment for nine consecutive days and incorporating each one into your nighttime skincare routine. One ampoule of serum should be used on your face and neck every evening and applied instead of a night serum before your usual cream. "Serum effectiveness will be enhanced overnight when the skin is resting," the skincare brand notes. "At the end of the treatment, you can go back to your usual routine for the rest of the month until the next cycle."

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