Pattern's New Treatment Products Pay Tribute To the Legacy of Black Hair

Meet the brand's first mask and scalp serum.

Tracee Ellis Ross


Since launching in 2019, Pattern Beauty has quickly become synonymous with all things natural hair care. Initially launching with wash-day essentials (like its signature shampoo and conditioners), the brand has steadily expanded to offer styling products and now treatments. Inspired by familial remedies passed down through generations, Pattern Beauty's new Treatment Mask ($25) and Scalp Serum ($25) are designed to nourish each strand of your textured tresses and every inch of your scalp. 

The new product launches are a part of Pattern Beauty's "Honor Your Pattern" campaign, which centers around celebrating your roots (both literally and figuratively). "I am so excited to introduce this treatment collection. It really, to me, is an expression of the legacy that we come from," Pattern's founder Tracee Ellis Ross said during a Zoom call about the launch. When she began conceptualizing this collection, she reflected on the days she spent tucked between her aunt's legs to get her hair done, and the times her grandmother would lather her hair with mayonnaise for deep conditioning. 

"This treatment collection is really special, and it harkens back to those generation-old ancient remedies, and we've modernized them and combined two remedies into one in the treatment mask and then made a beautiful scalp serum," Ross expresses. 

At first glance, the Treatment Mask doesn't look like your typical deep conditioner (think: thick, white, and creamy). But that's what makes it so unique. Instead, it almost has a clear appearance and boasts a ton of slip. "This really feels like a mask," Ross says. "The beauty of it is you can wear it and keep moving through your day because you don't have a whole bunch of creamy white stuff in your hair." And thanks to softening and strengthening ingredients like rice water ferment and moringa seed extract, this mask intensely moisturizes the whole time it sits on your hair.

Treatment Mask
Pattern Treatment Mask $25

Creating the Scalp Serum was also a labor of love for Ross, who says the product treats not only your scalp but your senses as well. The dermatologist-tested serum is formulated with a calming blend of peppermint, rosemary, and lavender oils that work together to enrich your scalp and provide relief from tight protective styles. "You guys know I know my slick-back buns," Ross says. "I love my center part and my two tight little buns on my head. But, my scalp gets tender like everybody. So [the scalp serum] allows you to put moisture in your hair, massage your scalp, and get invigorated, but it doesn't have that tea tree oil feeling that sometimes lights you up like you've got cool hot ice on your head." 

Scalp Serum
Pattern Scalp Serum $25

During the Zoom call, Ross teased that we can expect to see more rollouts with this collection soon. "For this collection, there's a lot more to come," she says. "That's all I can say and I'm so excited. We're trying to space it out so that you guys can receive all of the glory that we've created."

The Pattern Beauty Treatment Mask ($25) and Scalp Serum ($25) are available on

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