Patrick Ta's New Product Gives You "Pushed-Up, Feathery, Laminated" Brows at Home

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Faith Xue

I'm not going to lie: I have serious Zoom fatigue. When I'm not hopping on the video conferencing app at least four times a day for work, I'm getting requests for after-work Zoom "happy hours" and "hangouts" from friends and colleagues. And guess what? I'm tired of it. But when an invite came from Patrick Ta's team to get a virtual one-on-one Zoom brow tutorial from him and learn about his new Major Brow Shaping Wax product, I clicked "accept" without blinking. Patrick is a major makeup artist who works his magic on everyone from Gigi Hadid to Lili Reinhart and is known for his airbrushed skin, statement eyes, and bold, fluffy brows. The latter is one of his signatures, which is why it makes so much sense that he'd launch is own product under his company, Patrick Ta Beauty.

"I wanted to create a product for both men and women so that you can always have pushed-up, feathery, laminated brows—that’s the whole goal of this," he explains to me via my laptop screen the day of our Zoom call. "My eyebrow hairs grow down, and in order to get that pushed-up feathered brow you need your eyebrows to go up." His new product, Major Brow Shaping Wax, promises to do just that. He goes on to explain to me that the inspiration from the product came after he started following a Thai makeup artist on Instagram and noticed that all of the actresses he would do makeup on had the biggest, fluffiest brows. Patrick ended up going to Thailand shortly after and asked if he could watch the makeup artist work his magic. What he learned was a tip that would forever change the way he did brows: after brushing through a waxy brow product through his clients' brows, the makeup artist would take a flat angled brush and push the brows up against the skin. This gave a brow lamination effect, without the arduous process of actual brow lamination.

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Patrick Ta Beauty Major Brow $22

I agreed, this sounded genius. But as someone with barely any brow hairs and who considered microblading one of the most life-changing decisions of her life, I was a bit skeptical this technique working for me. Keep scrolling for my full review of Patrick Ta's Major Brow.

About My Brows:

I resigned myself years ago to the fact that I'd never have thick, full, fluffy brows. They were simply not something I've ever possessed. Instead, my brows have no discernable shape, are extremely sparse and weirdly long in length, and grow pretty much outwards and downwards. I got my brows microbladed a few years back and it really changed things for me. Instead of painstakingly spending time to fill in my brows each morning (and usually not very well), I only had to brush a tinted brow gel through, if that. My microbladed brows have faded a lot since I first got them done, so I've had to go back to my old ways of using a tinted brow gel, then filling them in with pencil.

How to Apply:

I love an innovative beauty product and Patrick's Major Brow is certainly different from anything I've seen before. I feel #blessed that Patrick was able to walk me through exactly how to use the product, because it requires a really specific technique that you really need to watch someone do before attempting. Since I know not everyone can get face time with Patrick himself, I'm including a video below of Patrick walking through the steps, plus the tips he shared with me on our Zoom call. His Major Brow comes in two shades—clear and tinted. I went with the tinted one, which he says is great for anyone with darker hair or who prefers a darker brow even if they're blonde (a.k.a. me). He promises that the clear version won't leave behind any white, waxy residue like other brow wax products or clear brow gels.

Step One: Mist. You need to activate the brow wax first by misting it with a makeup setting spray. You can use water (which is what I ended up using, because I didn't have setting spray), but Patrick says setting spray is better for hold.

Step Two: Spoolie. Take the spoolie end of the brow brush and wiggle it into the pan of the Major Brow. It should pick up a considerable amount of product. Then, brush it through your brows like you would a normal brow gel.

Step Three: Laminate. This is the game-changer step—the one that made Patrick go "OMG, why didn't I know this before?!" when he first witnessed it in action with the Thai makeup artist. After step two, he recommends waiting one minute for the wax to dry: "This is important because you want to let it go back to its natural form, which is kind of hard and waxy." Then, flip the brow brush over and use the angled brush side to press your brow hairs up into the skin, like you're DIY-ing brow lamination. Your brows should be sticking up and stuck to your skin, like someone took a glue stick to them (which is actually a trick drag queens have been using for years). In order for this part to work, it's important that you hold the applicator almost horizontal, so that angled brush is able to glide through and push your brows up, like Patrick shows below:

Patrick Ta
Faith Xue 

Use the angled brush side to press your brow hairs up into the skin, like you're DIY-ing brow lamination.

Step Four: Fluff. Patrick said that after you've "laminated" your brows, now you can see exactly where you have gaps and fill them in using a skinny brow pencil (he likes using Glossier Brow Flick on clients and Anastasia Brow Whiz on himself). Then, take the spoolie side of the brow brush and gently "unstick" your brow hairs from your skin, fluffing them up but not going overboard so they still keep their shape (which should be pointing upwards and outwards).

Faith Xue
 Faith Xue

The Results: Impressive

I watched Patrick demo this product via Zoom and was impressed by the results. I think I audibly gasped when he got to the lamination part—his brow hairs did indeed stick straight up, like the "after" photos of every brow lamination before/after. But would the product work on my sparse, barely-there brows? I immediately tested it out after we hung up and audibly gasped again—sure enough, my brows stuck straight up when I used the angled brush to press them into my skin. I've never seen my brows pushed up before, much less pushed up and staying in place. I followed his tip for filling in sparse areas with a brow pencil, then lightly fluffed my brows up with the spoolie. During this step, my brows more or less went back to their normal state and I lost a lot of the "lamination" effect, but I was also using water to mist the brow product and not makeup setting mist, which Patrick recommends for hold.

I tried this product again the next day and had a harder time with the lamination. I think I didn't wait long enough for the product to dry before attempting to laminate, which is crucial. But, I did find that I was able to more or less laminate my brows using the spoolie side of the applicator, which has a surprisingly strong hold. My brows fell a little to their normal downward, outward trajectory as the day went on, but I did appreciate the fluff factor—they looked fuller and fluffier than I've seen them, possibly ever, and definitely from just using one product. I ordered a makeup setting mist and plan on trying this product again to see if it'll help my brows stick in place throughout the day.

Patrick Ta
 Faith Xue

The Value: Worth It

Patrick Ta's Major Brow rings in at $22 and the applicator brush is $18; $40 is more than I've ever spent on a brow product before, but then again, I've never used a brow product that gives you this sort of fluffy effect. Plus, the brush feels high quality and can be used for future brow products. The technique you'll use for this product will take a little more time than your average brow product, but the results are worth it if fluffy, lifted brows are your goal.

My Verdict: Try It

If you have naturally thick brows, this product will be amazing for you if you want to DIY a brow laminating effect at home. The wax and brush really do grip your brow hairs and stick them in place in an upwards angle. You probably won't have to use any other brow product. If you have super-thin, sparse brows like me, you'll probably need to fill in gaps with an additional brow product. But the fluffy effect will work regardless of how much natural brow you have, so in my opinion, it's definitely worth trying out. Just remember you'll have to set aside a few minutes each time you use this product because you'll want the product to fully dry before you press your brows up for laminating.

Patrick Ta Major Brow is available at today.

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