Exclusive: Patrick Starrr’s 3 New Products Bring Back Maximalism in the Best Way

"Fashion-meets-funtion” is his motto.

Patrick Starrr, One/Size


Patrick Starrr is a maximalist in the best way, and during a year where minimalism—in all aspects of life—has reigned supreme, his effervescent presence, budding brand, and two newly released products are just what we need: Fun. Take one of his new One/Size makeup creations, Ultimate Blurring Setting Powder ($30) for instance which he explains is used “before setting your liquid, cream or wet products in your face to ensure a blurred, soft matte finish all for your makeup to last all day.” But then adds that the thought process behind this, and really his entire line, is fashion-meets-function. “The Fashion part is to look good and blur the skin, [the function part being] you’re all set for a long day,” he says.

And his other new addition to the One/Size family, Full-On Faux Lashes ($20), may seem like just icing on his over-the-top makeup creations, but he tells Byrdie during a Zoom chat the mechanics behind the bold accessory (which you’ll have to keep reading to find out). Our point? Starrr is making makeup fun again, without gimmicks, and bringing the fun to a widespread audience of different shades, races, and bodies. This includes expanding his exclusive partnership with Sephora on a global scale starting with online sales across Southeast Asia. 

Brace yourself for Starrr’s tips and tricks below, because you might find being a maximalist is as fun as it looks. 

One/Size setting powder

I feel like everyone has their own way of baking their makeup. Can you explain your version of what “baking” is and any tips?

Yeah, so the Ultimate Setting & Baking Puff ($14) is literally my game changer. So what I like to do is set, under the eyes with the puff. This is very cushiony and it has a flat edge that’s designed to really sit and pick up powder and apply it. If you want more of that defined cheekbones look, that's what the straight edge is for—to precisely define your cheeks, but also your eyes and contour your nose to kind of aid in shaping your face.

So when I think of “blurring,” I think of filters on social media and since social media is kind of your thing, any fun filters you’re loving right now?

Funny, I actually won't use any altering filters. I'll mostly just use my filters that shift the color. My favorite one is summer, that's on my page. But you'll have to stay tuned for a fun filter coming out on the One/Size Instagram page, which is really exciting.

One/Size Ultimate Setting & Baking Puff $14.00

Tell me about the Full-On lashes and your lash application tips because that’s where I struggle the most getting glammed up.

They're faux lashes so they're cruelty-free and they're available in two styles—Come Through and I've Arrived. With most lashes that have a frustration with is that if they’re 3D mink the band is very thick or heavy because they have to hold real hair. It was important to me to have something beautiful, fluffy, and just easy to apply and you get that with One/Size. So with the cruelty-free fibers that I have on my Full-On lashes now, they’re not so heavy on your eyes. They're comfortable, which is important. Here’s my tip: applying a thin layer of glue and putting your lashes from the top, not straight on, allows your lashes to stick up.

You ooze confidence, but which One/Size product gives you the most confidence?

My Go Off Makeup Dissolving Mist ($24) because I'm able to see who I am at the end of the day after I take off all my makeup. And just to humble me by seeing my true beauty at the end of the day, shows that we as people are more alike than different. That is ultimately One/Size. In my first campaign, I was able to showcase that, and in my music video called "Go Off." At the end of the video, there’s what I called my diversity shot where we had every single kind of beauty represented without any makeup. We just launched in July, so that was kind of like the standard that I set for myself going forward with each and every launch including these.

I think loving yourself is the greatest gift that you can give yourself and with One/Size I'm here to redefine the standards of beauty.

You are kind of single-handedly bringing back maximalism with everything from the launch of your brand to the campaign images for these new products, even your look right now.  

I think loving yourself is the greatest gift that you can give yourself and with One/Size I'm here to redefine the standards of beauty. I showcase that through my campaign casting to elevate the voices of the unheard by creating a space for everyone. And I want everyone to feel like they belong to something in a movement of acceptance and self-love. That's why you see pink and red throughout the brand because those colors represent love through and through. And so being maximalist starts with self-love, self-care, and celebrating yourself. Even if that's without makeup like through the Go Off collection. I think with me, understanding that taking the first step to giving myself permission to love myself, and then to give others permission to see who I am within, without makeup was a part of being this, I guess, maximalist in the best way.

One/Size Full-On Faux Lashes- I've Arrived $20.00

Give me your quick-ish Zoom call beat, please. I need it.

If I have an early zoom call, my Point Made Gel Eyeliner ($19) literally makes your eyes look a little more awake. So if I have no time, just a little eyeliner will open up your eyes a little bigger. The deep pigment of an eyeliner will just make your pupil look a little larger. So, that, mascara, and if I have time, some lashes. Also, blush and lip balm are both such a good refresher to your face. And if I have extra, extra time some concealer.

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