We've Been Obsessively Spritzing These 10 Patchouli Perfumes

Updated 02/04/18

Patchouli is one of those scents that have a lot misconceptions associated with them. What was once thought of as just a sweet hippie scent to mask the smell of marijuana has actually evolved into something that is a great warm base to create some of the loveliest smells.

We've rounded up different variations of the sweet, musky scent to please even the most patchouli-averse person. From tangy to salty and beachy, scroll down to see our favorites scents below.

Women's Stockholm 1978 Eau De Parfum 100ml
Vilhelm Parfumerie Stockholm 1978 Eau de Parfum $245

Made with notes of lemon zest, almond, and patchouli, this sweet musk has a tangy citrus twist that will get you in that summer mood, even when it's too cold to feel your face. 

Tom Ford White Patchouli $122

The heart of this scent is patchouli, but it's mixed with a rose absolute and incense to get a lovely warm, woody smell. 

Women's 1996 Eau De Parfum 50ml
Byredo 1996 Eau de Parfum $175

Yes, Byredo has an arguably more famous patchouli scent in its collection. But we're here to make an argument for 1996. It mixes patchouli with black pepper, violet, and leather accords to give you that really that sensual scent that's super warm and cozy. 

Maison Margiela Music Festival $126

If everyone wore this to music festivals, we wouldn't mind having our personal space invaded by strangers. Playing into the hippie stereotype with its name, this scent is a surprisingly calming mix of patchouli, cedarwood, cypress, and tobacco that we just love.

French Affair Eau De Parfum
Ex Nihilo French Affair Eau de Parfum $225

Ex Nihilo's newest scent is light and fun with notes of bergamot, rose, vetiver, and, of course, patchouli. We'll be wearing this well into the spring/summer until every lost drop is used. 

Dior Patchouli $210

We love stealing scents from the boys. (TBH, we strongly believe any scent can be worn by anyone.) Warning: This is strong. If patchouli isn't your favorite scent to begin with, we'd steer clear of this fragrance. But if you're obsessed with the note, this potent scent is the ultimate earthy and woody smell. 

Jo Malone London English Pear & Freesia $135

Sometimes fruity and floral can be too much of a combo for even the most dedicated sweet-scent lovers. Luckily for us, Jo Malone London always gets that balance just right. This fragrance mixes the smell of English pear and white freesias to emulate that crisp smell of walking through a garden, but it's warmed up by the patchouli in its base note. 

Ateilier Cologne Mistral Patchouli Cologne Absolue Pure Perfume $165

We're true believers that a scent can mentally transport you to a place. Take, for instance, this scent form Atelier Cologne. Made with notes of pomelo (a lovely green grapefruit), black pepper, star anise, and patchouli, we really do feel like we're somewhere seaside inhaling the freshness and saltiness of the vast ocean. 

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle $75

If the classic No. 5 isn't your jam, we say give this a try. It is made with orange for a tangy twist that's modern but still holds the warm blend of rose and patchouli at the heart of it. 

Bella Freud 1970 Eau de Parfum $112

Apart from the really cool minimalistic aesthetic, this fragrance omits a great sweet floral scent that mixes patchouli with frankincense, myrrh, and benzoin. 

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