Pat McGrath's Mothership Eye Shadow Palette Makes Me Feel Things

Pat McGrath, the mother of makeup, can do absolutely no wrong in my eyes. Everything she touches turns to gold. Whether it be her beautifully formulated lip lacquers, her vividly colorful liquid lipsticks, or her dewy highlighter stick, all of her formulas are insanely gorgeous, long-lasting, and perfectly complementary against my skin tone.

Out of all the Pat McGrath products I've tried, I have yet to get my hands on her coveted eye shadow palettes. McGrath is known for delivering stunning shades you can spot from a mile away. One scroll through her Instagram, which happens to be one of my favorite pages to follow, will have you entranced by captivating shades.

My time finally came to try out the Pat McGrath Mothership Eyeshadow Palette, and let me tell you it did not disappoint. I usually play it safe when it comes to eye shadow, keeping things neutral, but something about this decadent mix of sparkly, matte, colorful, and bronzy shades made me go all-out. Here's how I achieved this warm, golden eye shadow look: