If you want to see even the most jaded beauty editor lose her composure, just utter the words "Pat McGrath." Truly, any mention of the iconic makeup artist's name is basically our kryptonite—especially when it pertains to a mystical new launch from her namesake label. (They're always that covetable.)

The latest is Lust: MatteTrance ($38). "In Pat speak, that means 'new lipstick,'" our beauty director Deven clarifies in the video above. But where McGrath is involved, lipstick isn't just lipstick—it's the smoothest, most beautifully pigmented lipstick you've ever tried. In this case, it's matte without that chalky, dried-out feeling. And you better believe that each shade is more lust-worthy than the last.

Watch above as Deven tries out a handful of MatteTrance shades.