Pat McGrath's Newest Product Is Here, and It's Not What We Expected


Hallie Gould

At this point, we really shouldn’t be surprised that Pat McGrath’s fourth makeup launch is, well, surprising—after all, the makeup artist’s brand is all about where beauty intersects with the avant-garde. And the masses can’t get enough of it: Her very first product, a fine metallic pigment called Gold 001, sold out in mere seconds. Phantom 002, a more expansive set of colored powders, quickly followed suit, as did Skin Fetish 003, an alienesque, otherworldly highlighter.

So while we can probably guess that her latest product will also instantaneously fly off shelves everywhere, that might be the most predictable thing about it. Brace yourselves, because Lust 004 has arrived—and it’s basically an arts and crafts kit for your lips.

Each of the three different lip kits contains its own specific array of lipsticks, a clear vinyl lip gloss, metallic gold pigment, and microfine glitter. And while they don’t officially launch until August 30, we’re giving you the first look: