I Tested the Longevity of Pat McGrath's Liquid Lipsticks

Everyone has their vice. It doesn't take much thought for me to admit that mine is lipstick. I literally have never loved one thing more (other than my family, of course) than lipstick. I'm not even embarrassed by my overflowing collection of a rainbow of shades, brands, formulas, and textures. Lipstick has served me well in countless selfies, social interactions (i.e., dates, interviews, etc.), and boosting my overall confidence. Nothing can impact my mind better than a fiery red lipstick that screams that I am an unapologetic, fierce, and strong young woman.

Now that that's out of the way, you can probably assume that I've tried my fair share of liquid lipsticks. I'm a one-and-done type of girl when it comes to lipstick. I like to apply it once and I don't want it to move. These are the reasons I typically shy away from glossy, non-matte formulas because they're fussier and require more maintenance.

When I found out Pat McGrath aka the "Mother of Makeup" released Pat McGrath Labs LiquiLust 007 in a Colour Blitz kit, I jumped at the opportunity to give them a go.