Pat McGrath Just Announced a Brand New Ultra-Luxurious Lip Treatment

One look at Pat McGrath's collection of namesake makeup products is all it takes. Whether it's the gold and silver sequin-filled pouches of her makeup kits or the sleek black-and-gold bullet of her Lust MatteTrance Lipsticks ($38), you know she's all about luxury and glamour. (She is, after all, the first makeup artist to release model-off-duty apparel that's emblazoned with her name and brand—her Apparel 001 Hieroglyphic Hoodie retails for $250). It seems that nothing is untouched by her trademark sense of opulence and grandeur—not even something as mundane as lip balm.

Yesterday, Pat McGrath took to Instagram to unveil her newest product launch. In the past, these launches have been vivid lipsticks, silky eye shadow palettes, or sumptuous highlighters. Now, though, she's extending past the makeup category to include skincare, specifically lip balm. And it might be the most luxurious lip balm you've ever seen. Keep scrolling to get your first look.

Pat McGrath Labs Lip Fetish Lip Balm $38

Here it is in all of its glory: the Lip Fetish Lip Balm. Instead of the black-and-gold bullets we're used to seeing, McGrath opted for a white-and-gold bullet to match the product it contains (only Pat McGrath would treat lip balm like luxury lipstick, and we love it). "It repairs, restores and replenishes lips, keeping them sensually smooth and leaving them with a dewy, luminous finish," McGrath said in a press release. "I've been using Lip Fetish for the last year on set, on location and on the runways—from menswear to couture—and it is LEGENDARY!"

Though the specific ingredients aren't listed, it's described as an anti-aging lip balm that protects from free radicals while hydrating and nourishing the lips. After it glides on, it settles into a luminous and dewy finish (one that appears to be similar to other satin lip balm formulas). It can be used "without caution" as McGrath puts it. Apply it before you wear a bold lipstick to smooth and prep the lips, or apply it anytime your lips feel chapped. How's that for adding a touch of luxury to your everyday life? "I want my fellow Beauty Junkies to be able to get ready for all the upcoming fashion weeks with my covert secret to a killer kiss. It preps, primes and perfects every pout on the go," McGrath gushed.

The new lip treatment will retail for $38 (like we said, it's luxurious). It officially launches January 4 on Pat McGrath's website. We're assuming this will sell out as quickly as her other products, so act fast if luxury lip balm sounds like just the thing you need to kick off 2018.

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