Pat McGrath Just Announced a Brand New Ultra-Luxurious Lip Treatment

One look at Pat McGrath's collection of namesake makeup products is all it takes. Whether it's the gold and silver sequin-filled pouches of her makeup kits or the sleek black-and-gold bullet of her Lust MatteTrance Lipsticks ($38), you know she's all about luxury and glamour. (She is, after all, the first makeup artist to release model-off-duty apparel that's emblazoned with her name and brand—her Apparel 001 Hieroglyphic Hoodie retails for $250). It seems that nothing is untouched by her trademark sense of opulence and grandeur—not even something as mundane as lip balm.

Yesterday, Pat McGrath took to Instagram to unveil her newest product launch. In the past, these launches have been vivid lipsticks, silky eye shadow palettes, or sumptuous highlighters. Now, though, she's extending past the makeup category to include skincare, specifically lip balm. And it might be the most luxurious lip balm you've ever seen. Keep scrolling to get your first look.