Pat McGrath's Holiday Liquid Lipstick Collection Is Here—and It's Epic

Oh, Pat McGrath. Let us count the ways we love her. First and foremost, she's one of the most famous makeup artists of all time. Her work can be seen, quite literally, everywhere. She's in charge of runway makeup at various design houses each and every time fashion month rolls around. She does makeup for international magazine covers, photo shoots, and ad campaigns. And throughout all of this, she has created a collection of luxurious and kind of otherworldly beauty products, the newest of which launches today. 

At 12 p.m. EST, Pat McGrath Labs newest product range, titled LiquiLust 007, went up for sale on the brand's website. It's a collection of liquid lipsticks, pigments, and glosses that you can wear separate or mix and match to your heart's desire. Keep scrolling to see the new LiquiLust 007 Collection.

Pat McGrath Labs LuquiLust 007 Everything Kit $125

This is the "Everything Kit," which includes six shades of matte liquid lipstick (ranging from nude tone to bright cherry and searing hot pink), gold pigment, violet pigment, and clear gloss. Like the other kits Pat McGrath has launched in the past, this one is meant to be played with. You can wear the liquid lipstick shades on their own, you can add a shimmer pigment over the top or the clear gloss. Or you can wear all three for a really bold and festive lip look. 

"The Spirit of the Holiday Season, for me, is mesmerizing magic, sublime sparkle and the chance to pout, provoke, and pose at the year’s best parties,” McGrath said in a press release. (We didn't expect anything else but pure extravagance from her.)

If you don't want to spend $125 to get all of the products, you can opt for other smaller kits. There are two five-piece kits that include three glosses, one pigment, and the clear gloss. One is Skin Show ($75) and one is Colour Blitz ($75), and as expected, the former is composed of more neutral tones and the latter is all vivid, bright color.

There's also an option for two-piece kits. First, there's the Deceit Duo ($38), which features a blood-red liquid lipstick and a gold gloss. Then there's the Femme Moderne Duo ($38), which includes a mauve-pink liquid lipstick with a bronze gloss. 

Whichever one you go with, know that you can't go wrong, because every single product looks stunningly pretty. If you're dying to get your hands on the newest Pat McGrath Labs launch, be sure to act quickly, as it's limited-edition and holiday-inspired, so it will likely sell out fast (just like all of the other products she's launched this year).  

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