Is This Pat McGrath's Newest Makeup Launch?


Getty/Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho

There are a few consistent aspects to every product from premiere makeup guru Pat McGrath. For starters, every item thus far has been a practice in the avant-garde—glitter lips and aliengelic highlighter are not exactly for beauty wallflowers. Then there's the sheer covetability, as every new item is even more hotly anticipated than the last. But the way McGrath reveals her newest products might be her biggest trademark of all: It's always shrouded in mystery, subtly revealed through Instagram teasers and runway gigs. And that's exactly the case for product 005, which apparently appeared on the Versace catwalk last week in Milan. Here's the kicker, though: Even with the evidence before our very eyes, we're still left guessing as to exactly what it is. 

Just to bring the anticipation to a scalding fever pitch, McGrath even took to Instagram to tease a video of none other than Gigi Hadid donning the newest product. But the question of the hour remains: Can you spot what it is? (It's like the beauty edition of Where's Waldo?)