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Millennial Pink Hair Is Still as Cool as Ever—Here's Proof

Maybe it's the takeover of Millennial Pink on our social feeds that has us daydreaming of rosy tresses lately. With a whimsical yet bold type of look, it's no wonder we can't stop pinning every pastel-hued hairstyle we see on our beauty boards. You may think this color is too bold to try on yourself, but go ahead—take another look. If our favorite pins are any indication, this style is more versatile than you think.

Woman with pastel pink hair

When you think of pastel-pink hair, "minimalist" isn't exactly the first word that comes to mind. Somehow, Jessie Bush of We the People makes the trend look subtle, opting for a whisper of pink coloring with a soft pearlescent sheen. Bush says it "gradually fades over four weeks," so this is a color to consider only if you're willing to maintain regular upkeep.

For a more low-maintenance take on pastel-pink hair—or to ease your way into an allover dye job—try dip-dyeing instead. This is a great option for brunettes who are wary of lightening their hair enough to get the vibrant pastel to shine through. The gorgeous cotton-candy pink here looks so lush.

When it comes to light-pink hair, look no further than model Fernanda Ly as a source of inspiration. Ly has walked for Louis Vuitton, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, and more—all with pink hair in tow. The cut, along with the color, is what makes the look here. The blunt bangs and subtle layers create a sleek combination that balances out the whimsical color.

This otherworldly shade of pink is courtesy of colorist Neal Malek, who specializes in bright shades. This tone was accomplished by layering a pearly white dye with lavender, resulting in the light mauve seen here. Space buns only highlight the ethereal feel of this look.

It's official: Models love pastel-pink tresses. Irene Kim, known for experimenting with dozens of Technicolor hues, always seems to come back to her favorite shade of pink. Kim opts for a brighter iteration, weaving in hints of orange and yellow for a summery version of the color.

Like Kim, influencer and model Nyané Lebajoa is no stranger to bold locks, but pink is a permanent fixture in her repertoire. The casual, undone version of pink here is effortless: slightly grown out and piled high for enviable cool-girl style. The peachy-pink tone is subtle, feminine, and perfect for the season.

Mixing pastels into your look doesn't necessarily mean you'll have a head of shockingly pink hair. For a subtler version of the trend, try a mauve blonde. This take by Ramirez Tran Salon in Los Angeles is a metallic rose gold. If you're not ready to jump headfirst into pastels, this subdued take could be a way to experiment with the trend.

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