A Skincare-Obsessed Actress Reveals Her Beauty Secrets


Christian Blanchard 

Before 29-year-old Canadian actress Parveen Kaur scored a starring role on NBC’s brand-new series Manifest, she was living in Toronto, attending acting school, and working by day at a skincare clinic. "To put myself through acting classes while trying to become an actor," she explains. A skincare guru to her core, Kaur was obsessed with learning what products and habits to cultivate for healthy, luminous skin long before she caught her Hollywood break. "If I weren't an actor, I'd probably work in skincare," she tells me. "Maybe I'd be a dermatologist or something." The glowing performer's well-informed beauty routine has remained refreshingly simple and results-driven ever since. No matter how high her career continues to skyrocket, you will never find a frilly $500 face cream in Kaur's collection.

Goodness knows we love interviewing up-and-coming stars about their beauty routines, so here is the latest. Keep scrolling to learn how this skincare-obsessed actress keeps her complexion looking 22 forever.