Your Ultimate Party-Hopping Beauty Kit


Getty/ Caroline McCredie

No one should have to endure the struggle of cramming as many beauty products as possible into her evening bag. (Do I keep the powder compact or my phone charger? is a decision we've all had to face.) But on the other hand, it's always nice to know that no matter what snafu arises—be it limp locks or smeared lipstick—the solution is no further than arm's reach. 

With all this mind, we put together a list of multi-tasking essentials that won't just keep your look intact from one party to the next, but are clutch-friendly to boot. You'll stay camera-ready from cocktail hour to sunrise—keep reading to find out how. 

What are your party-hopping beauty essentials? How do you save space in your evening bag? Tell us in the comments below!