Party Hopping: How to Get 3 Beauty Looks Out of One Night



Who said outfit changes are just about your wardrobe? It's much easier to change up your look with a few stealthy swipes of makeup and a hairbrush, after all—especially if you're in the backseat of an Uber. And while there's always the option to stick with one great uniform for an entire evening of festivities, one of the things we love about the holiday party season is that there are so many opportunities to play around with your look—even if all of those opportunities happen to fall on the same night.

Which brings us to our next point: During this busy time of year, we're sometimes double or triple-booked for three completely different events on the same day—your office party, a family dinner, and a late-night date, for example. No need to brainstorm a look that translates for all three: We've road-mapped two evenings with three looks each, specifically designed for easy transition with minimal tools and effort. (In other words, they can all be done in a tiny bar bathroom or car with just a minute or two to spare.) 

Keep reading to see how to get amazing beauty mileage out of one night of party-hopping. 

Which night wins in your book? Have any tips for changing up your look while party-hopping? Sound off in the comments below!