17 Incredible Party Hair Ideas That Aren't a Massive Faff

Updated 01/27/18

When it comes to party hair, we've experimented with many different styles over the years: Glitter, crimping, braids—you name it, we've tried it. But there's always added pressure when it comes to Christmas because the festive season is full of parties. From our own experience, we know that all you'll want is a fail-safe, easy look that will mean you're suitably party-ready. But who's got time to go get a blow-dry before your office Christmas 'do?

Fear not, for we have plenty of ideas that you can do at home or at your desk. From new ways to use accessories to a simple parting that will immediately make you look more glamorous, we've got more than enough party styles that will suit every kind of hair. Of course, the one piece of advice we'd give you is to ensure you practice whichever hairstyle you decide on to make getting ready for the night even easier. Click through our gallery below for 17 new party hairstyle ideas.

Party hair: woman with crimped panel hair
John Phillips/Stringer/Getty Images

Party Hair Idea #1: The Subtle Crimp

Crimped hair is having a major resurgence, and no iteration of the trend looks as modern as simply crimping a single panel of hair. Ghd's new Contour Professional Crimper (£95) takes the damaging sizzle out of this old-school styling tool.

Party hair: woman with quiff hairstyle

Party Hair Idea #2: The Rockabilly Quiff

When you're fighting the urge to whack your whole head of hair into a topknot and be done with it, try this rockabilly quiff. All it takes is tying hair up at the back and manipulating and pinning the front section to create this soft wave. Arm yourself with plenty of kirby grips—Session Kit Japanese Hair Grips (£7) are the sturdiest we've tried.

Party hair: woman with bow in hair

Party Hair Idea #3: Tie a Bow in It

Reigniting our love for all things haberdashery, ribbons were everywhere this season. Try tying yours around the base of a low ponytail or wear as an Alice band. John Lewis Grosgrain Ribbon (£5) has that chic matte finish.

Oarty hair: woman with hat and curly hair

Party Hair Idea #4: Wear a Hat

From baker boy caps to Parisian-inspired berets, hats are having a real moment right now, and they can be the perfect accessory for when you just can't decide what to do with your hair.

Party hair: woman with hair accessories

Party Hair Idea #5: Accessorize to the Max

Our favourite look is this incredible over-the-top accessories style. Wear your hair up in a simple low bun, and add three carefully positioned hair grips. Take your pick from Net-a-Porter's incredible range.

Party hair: woman with deep side parting

Party Hair Idea #6: The Deep Side Parting

It might be totally '80s, but we love it. For Topshop's last runway show at London Fashion Week, we saw models with crimped hair and this extreme deep side parting. Ensure your hair is blow-dried, and then sweep it over. Seal in place by using a strong-hold hair spray such as Oribe Superfine Strong (£34).

Party hair: woman with messy bun

Party Hair Idea #7: A New Messy Bun

Instead of wrapping all the hair up in one messy bun, make sure you have the ends poking out at the bottom. The secret to this is making sure your hair is straight before you try it, so try the look with T3 Single Pass Straighteners (£165).

Party hair: woman with crimped quiff

Party Hair Idea #8: Crimped Quiff

To try this look, tie up hair in a French twist, but ensure the front of your hair is left out. Then curl random sections at the front and add Ouai Texturising Spray (£22).

Party hair: woman with flowers in hair

Party Hair Idea #9: Flower Power

Okay, so the makeup isn't what you want for the party season, but floral hair accessories are totally something we can get on board with. While real flowers will wilt, if you go for something like this ASOS headband, you'll keep going all night.


Party Hair Idea #10: Half-Farrah

We call this a half Farrah, as it's reminiscent of the classic '70s hairstyle favoured by Charlie's Angels star Farrah Fawcett. To perfect this look, you will need a decent barrel brush like Moroccanoil's.


Party Hair Idea #11: Slick Back

For the more pared-back party guest, make non-crispy gel, like Bumble and Bumble Sumo Gel (£23), your friend. We have more wet-look hair inspiration here too.


Party Hair Idea #12: Super Messy

Bedhead will always be a great party look. Add some sea salt spray like Balmain Texturising Salt Spray (£23) to add texture and movement to your tresses.


Party Hair Idea #13: Get a Grip

This wins for two reasons: First off, it's super easy—just invest in a gorgeous hair grip. And two, you're paying tribute to Margot Tenenbaum, which is always fabulous.

Party Hair Idea #14: Air-Dry

Perhaps the easiest on this list. Simply part your hair down the middle after washing, and let it air-dry. A great conditioner (try Living Proof Full Conditioner, £22) is key, but the look you're going for here is lived-in.


Party Hair Idea #15: Change Up Your Colour

Perhaps the purple afro, spotted at Ashish, is a little extreme, but there's plenty of inspiration to take from it. Either consider a temporary hair dye or completely change your hair colour. If you're stuck for ideas, take a look at our guide to the best hair colour ideas for autumn.


Party Hair Idea #16: Wrap It Up

A quick one: All you need is to pick your head scarf. This Gucci butterfly headband is suitably festive.


Party Hair Idea #17: Slick and Chic

Nothing says polished than slick hair with no flyaways. Wear your hair in a side or middle parting but just ensure it looks super glossy by finishing it with a serum after you blow-dry. We love Garnier Ultimate Blends Honey Strengthening Hair Serum (£5).

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