Parade's Naked Line Is My New Go-To for Underwear—Here's Why

Here's why I'm obsessed with their line of nude basics.

Parade nude intimates collection


I kept seeing Parade ads on Instagram and almost checked out a few times before regaining self control over my shopping impulse. When the brand launched Naked by Parade, I couldn’t hold back any longer, especially because neutral-toned and minimalistic clothes are my current weakness. After trying out the cami and panties from the new line, I have a confession: Parade is my new stop for comfy intimates.

Naked by Parade is the brand's line that includes a cami and undies in seven skin-tone shades and include sizes XS to 3XL. This line has been two years in the making and includes a collaboration with makeup artist Fatimot Isadare, who helped select the shades.

What I Like

  • The colors in this collection are beautiful and include seven nude colors from lighter to darker shades.
  • The seamless undies from this collection are comfy enough to wear just about anywhere, including at the gym or for a long day of work.
  • Parade is all about inclusivity and sustainability, and this line is proof from the inclusive colors to compostable packaging.

What I Don't Like

  • Because this line is so great, it’s in high demand and, sadly, sold out in many styles.
  • I selfishly wish there were more options available from this line, especially bralettes and undies that aren’t seamless.

The Bottom Line

Parade has been making a name for itself thanks to its comfy undergarments and mission of inclusivity. This drop of nude undies and camis is a perfect extension of the brand. The fabrics are beautiful, made from recycled materials, and ridiculously comfy.

Why I Love

I tried the the cami ($26) and four pairs of underwear (as well as some obsession-worthy bralettes from a different line). The undies in this line are all seamless, and the styles range from thong to boyshort, giving plenty of fit options.

Each item is unbelievably buttery smooth. The underwear look and feel great on their own, and they stay comfy when I put my clothes on. Between the Naked undies and the mesh bralette (the mesh gives such a great but subtle touch of sexiness), it’s clear that Parade knows what it’s doing when it comes to comfort and fit.

There are seven skin tones offered, spanning from fair to richly dark. Of course, there are many more skin tones in the world, but these still provide a very good base to work for almost anyone, whether you want the tone closest to you or some contrast.

Since these undies are seamless and made from more fragile, flimsy materials (nylon and elastane), it’s important to take careful care of them while washing to not loosen any seams or cause pilling. The instructions say hand wash, but here’s the thing: A lot of us don’t actually hand wash when labels say you should. Instead, I found washing these items in a garment bag on the gentle cycle was effective.

For a brand that prides itself on using recycled materials and caring about sustainability, I was glad to see this translated in the packaging. The products were shipped in a recyclable plastic bag, and each individual product was packaged in bag they claim decompose in 200 days (the scientist in me really wants to test this). Still, Parade could ship their products in cardboard instead, which is more easily recycled than recyclable plastic.

Things I Didn't Like

A lot of gynecologists recommend wearing cotton underwear for breathability. While I didn’t feel like any of these undies weren't moisture wicking, it would make me feel a lot better if there were some cotton options.

I also wish there were more items in stock. And I really hope Parade expands this line by adding bralette options and non-seamless undies.

Final Verdict

I had long perused Parade’s site and always squeezed out new reasons to not buy anything despite how badly I wanted to. After trying this line, I’ve decided to switch from the store where I’ve been buying undies since my teens to Parade. The pieces are comfy yet make me feel confident and sexy. The designs can be quirky or classic, the fabrics—especially the mesh—are fun, and the prices are reasonable. The cherry on top is everything the brand stands for.

Other Parade Products I Love

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