I Tested Parachute's Classic Bathrobe and It's the Coziest One I’ve Ever Worn

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Parachute Classic Bathrobe

parachute classic bathrobe

Byrdie / Leigh Weingus

What We Like
  • Extremely plush and cozy

  • Can replace your bath towel

  • Pockets are functional and useful

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive

  • A little too warm

  • White color is stain-prone

If you’re looking for a robe that will provide maximum comfort while keeping you warm, the Parachute Classic Bathrobe is it. And as a nice bonus, it can probably replace your bath towel.


Parachute Classic Bathrobe

parachute classic bathrobe

Byrdie / Leigh Weingus

We put Parachute's Classic Bathrobe to the test after receiving a complimentary sample from the brand. Keep reading for our full product review. 

I’m the first to admit that I’m a bit new to the robe scene, but the combination of having a baby last year and months spent in quarantine has opened me up to the possibility that the perfect bathrobe is the wardrobe staple I’ve been missing all these years. As a result, I’ve tried quite a few over the past year.

While each robe I’ve tried comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks, a series of rave reviews piqued my curiosity about the Parachute Classic Bathrobe. A longtime fan of Parachute, which is more commonly known for its sheets, I was interested to see if their robe could deliver as well as their bed linens did.

After a solid week of traipsing around my apartment in this super-plush robe, here are my honest thoughts.  

Parachute's Classic Bathrobe

Best for: Anyone looking for something relaxing and cozy to lounge in or replacing a towel

Price: $99

About the brand: Parachute founder and CEO Ariel Kaye launched the brand in 2014 with the goal of creating a community dedicated to comfort. The brand is known for its bedding but also offers robes, mattresses, and more.

The Feel: Soft and so cozy

The Parachute Classic Bathrobe is made of 100% long-staple Turkish cotton. It sounds luxurious, and it is. I’m not sure I’ve ever slipped into anything quite so plush. With a towel-like texture—but imagine the softest, fluffiest towel!

Once I put this robe on, I didn’t want to take it off.

The only thing I’ll say is that the Parachute Classic Bathrobe will keep you very warm. If you have a house that tends to get chilly in the winter, maybe you'll welcome this. My apartment is annoyingly warm, though, making it a little bit uncomfortable at times. 

Also, this is the first white robe I’ve ever owned. While I think a white robe is great at a hotel when you’ll only be wearing it for a limited amount of time and someone else will deal with washing it. However, it’s not the most practical thing to wear at home all day long, when you’ll be preparing meals for yourself and your one-year-old, so it’s conducive to lots of annoying stains.

parachute classic bathrobe

Byrdie / Leigh Weingus

The Fit: True to size

This robe fits true to size, which I appreciate—a lot of robes I’ve tried can run really big. The sleeves didn’t have that too-long hanging problem that I’ve noticed in other robes either, which was great.

One thing that really stuck out to me about this one was the pockets. I was able to slip my phone into them without worrying about it weighing down the robe and causing unevenness or even causing the robe to fall open, a surprisingly common problem. 

parachute classic bathrobe

Byrdie / Leigh Weingus

Washing: So simple

As I mentioned, my super-white robe didn’t stay super-white for long, so the Parachute Classic Bathrobe was quicker to see the washing machine than some of my other robes. I machine washed it on cool per the instructions using mild detergent (which I use in my home anyway), and it came out just as fluffy as before. And thanks to a tiny bit of Shout, the stains were gone, too! 

The Value: Pricy but worth it

At $99, the Parachute Classic Bathrobe is not the cheapest robe you’ll find. But the quality makes it worth it in my opinion, so if you’re looking for a robe that you can’t wait to slip into after every shower or bath, it’s hard to lose with this one. 

parachute classic bathrobe

Byrdie / Leigh Weingus

Similar Products: The Parachute robe wins

Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe ($98): I can most easily compare the Parachute Classic Bathrobe with the Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe, as they both retail at the same price point and are made of the same material. But despite having “super-plush” in the name is, the Brooklinen robe is… not as plush as the Parachute one. This makes the Parachute Classic Bathrobe a winner for those of us who prioritize comfort, but I will say that the Brooklinen robe left me less overheated than this one did. 

Final Verdict

Buy it! Whether you’re looking for something cozy to lounge in, a gift for someone you love, or simply something that will effectively replace your bath towel, it’s hard to go wrong with the Parachute Classic Bathrobe.


  • Product Name Classic Bathrobe
  • Product Brand Parachute
  • Price $99.00
  • Material Made of 100% long-staple Turkish cotton.

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