Reviewed: Panasonic's Electric Body Groomer Performs Every Time

This one leverages expert design for consistent results.

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Panasonic Electric Body Groomer and Trimmer for Men

Panasonic Body Groomer

Adam Hurly

What We Like
  • Simple yet effective design

  • Easy to use

  • Natural-looking, intentional results

  • Fair price point

What We Don't Like
  • Short battery life

Panasonic’s Body Groomer is, hands down, the best device for getting customized and consistent chest hair trimming—and it tackles anything else below the neck with aplomb.


Panasonic Electric Body Groomer and Trimmer for Men

Panasonic Body Groomer

Adam Hurly

We purchased the Panasonic Electric Body Groomer and Trimmer for Men so our writer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

Not everyone with body hair wants one uniform trim across their entire chest (or other areas). Some might want it hairier across the top and less dense down below. Others might want to define the perimeter better with a closer shave. And regardless of preference, no one wants to have a difficult and inconsistent grooming experience, fumbling an upright beard trimmer around in hopes of getting it right.

Before I tried body groomers, I rarely trimmed my chest hair because it always looked uneven afterwards. The line down the center of my chest would be remarkably shorter than everything on either side. There would always be at least one noticeable bare patch, because I somehow changed the pressure or navigated the contours wrong. The truth is, beard trimmers aren’t really designed to navigate around the body—they’re made for the relatively uncomplicated planes of your face. It was years before I pieced it all together to realize that a dedicated body grooming device was my obvious solution. 

Luckily, there are many terrific body groomers on the market, and luckier yet, my job allows me to try them all. The one I use regularly though, when I’m not testing something new, is Panasonic’s Electric Body Groomer. Keep reading for all the details in my full review.

Panasonic Electric Body Groomer and Trimmer for Men

Best for: Anyone who prefers to trim their body hair. 

Uses: Detailed and precise trimming on your chest, armpits, pubes, back, shoulders, arms and legs—any body hair below your neck. 

Battery Life: 40 minutes

Warranty: Two years

Price: $50

About the brand: Panasonic has an immense range of electronic devices, from cameras to microwaves, home theaters to shavers, and microwaves to headphones. Thanks to its strong design and innovative technology, the brand has become one of the most prominent household names.

About My Body Hair: Plentiful

I’ll spare you the task of closely examining my chest hair, but just know that I have a lot. Some people can grow what looks like a full-on sweater; I think I’m sprouting around 50% of that, which is still far more than most. Whenever I’m at the pool or beach with someone for the first time, they tend to immediately comment on my ample chest hair, which I do welcome and enjoy. I’m proud of it, but that doesn’t mean I want it to grow untrimmed. Just like my head and facial hair (and other bits, too), I like it all to look intentional.

The Design: The real selling point 

This device nails design. It is so simple and yet so effective compared to competitors. First, the vertical blade allows you to turn and torque however you need to (kind of like a toothbrush). Yes, you can do the same with a standard beard trimmer, but that becomes tedious on a surface as broad, long, and angular as your chest and shoulders. With this one, you can trim up and down if you want by holding it on its side, or you can flip it upright to move side to side.

Secondly, the blade head is a V shape, with the teeth at the base. This design allows the teeth to get into any nook (like under your chest, your armpits, or even your pubic area if you need it), whereas the bulky head of most other devices will make trimming difficult unless you're trimming an even, flat surface. You can easily glide with this device, which makes a huge difference in many spots. It trims hair at either side, not just one entry point like a normal trimmer, creating versatility as you move around your body.

Three attachment guards/combs allow you to customize to different lengths (there are four options in total, counting the bare guard). The bare head gives you a 0.1-mm smooth shave. The groin guard gives you 8 mm, so the finished job is still smooth given the hair isn’t as dense down there. But moreover, it prevents any nicks. I also use it for my moderately hairy back, since I can’t easily observe what I’m trimming and how the device is hitting the skin. The naked eye will never see 8 mm of hair growth, so I’m happy to keep it at that length. The other two guards have comb heads and offer ¼-inch and ⅛-inch closeness. A dedicated body trimmer will lack the 25 guard-length options that beard trimmers provide, but seeing as chest hair doesn't often grow as long, these four cover most bases.

Lastly, the tiny teeth tips are wide and rounded, which gives you a bit of extra protection from cuts and irritation, while also helping to guide more hair into the blades. 

The Feel: A steady grip

Panasonic's Electric Body Groomer hums and shimmies like any other trimmer, but its plastic handle is designed with a textured grip. It won’t slip in the slightest, even if your palms get a little balmy or you're trimming hard-to-reach areas like your back.

How to Use: Follow your intuition

Using Panasonic's Electric Body Groomer is pretty easy: just power your device overnight in the upright charging stand, then choose a guard head or comb of choice and get to trimming. You can swap guard heads as you switch parts of the body (or want two different lengths in the same general area, like a larger clip on the chest and a shorter one on the abdomen). You can go bare-headed for a closer shave, or attach the 8mm guard head to give you a surefire distance from the blades—if you’d rather not press the 0.1-mm teeth right up to your skin.

I suggest standing in the shower or bathtub while you trim, for an easy cleanup and rinse off. However, it also is safe for wet usage, though that could complicate the precise process, depending on what you're looking for.

More importantly, its ability to get wet is beneficial in that you can quickly rinse it clean after each use. The V-shape design makes this easy, since a simple run-over with your fingers will extract nearly all of the stray hairs and clippings (which gather significantly less in the first place). The bare head also snaps off for rinsing out those few stray clippings that lodged inside. Snap this off and regularly apply a couple drops of mineral oil around the various metal parts of the head to prevent rust. Make sure to air dry completely, too, before stowing away. This will also keep the blades sharp and deliver a hygienic trim. 

The Results: As you want them

The best compliment I can give Panasonic's Electric Body Groomer, besides all the accolades on its design, is that the results look natural and intentional. I have yet to have a patchy chest afterwards, and I have altogether avoided the dilemma of having to shave everything down as a result of one small error. This device really excels on expectations meeting reality. 

The Value: Absolutely worth it

Chest hair never stops growing, but you might only trim it every month or so, depending on how short you wear it. So while Panasonic's Electric Body Groomer will get year-round use, it will still last a long time given how much less use it gets compared to a beard trimmer or electric razor. For $50, it’s a worthwhile addition to your grooming arsenal. You can even store it outside of the bathroom if you’re worried about shelf space, since you won’t need it as much as a shaver.  

Battery Life: The one shortcoming

An eight-hour charge yields a 40-minute battery life for this device's singular lithium ion battery. That’s really not so impressive, given where the bar is with many trimming devices (some hold four to six hours of charge, or can charge fully in an hour). Still, I think it’s easy to overlook given the precise grooming results.

Similar Products: You Have Options

Philips Norelco OneBlade Face + Body: While it falls short of Panasonic’s body groomer on ergonomics, this Philips grooming device ($56) is a dream for detailing and ultra-close trim-ups. It is foremost a face shaver and trimmer, but its ability to define the perimeter of chest and back hair, or to trim down to ultra-short lengths (without breaking the skin’s surface), is next to none.

Meridian The Trimmer: Meridian’s body groomer ($70) targets your more sensitive body parts—specifically, your groin. If you want a dedicated body trimmer there but aren’t so hairy on your chest and back, then perhaps this strategically spaced shaver is the ticket.

Final Verdict

If you’ve got hair in a lot of places, and if you’ve concluded time and time again that your beard trimmer is not giving you the results you want on the rest of your body, then invest in Panasonic’s Body Groomer. It offers expert design details, which make it easy to use in hard-to-reach places, especially the back. Plus it scores high in ease of use and cleaning. But most of all, it's consistent with results, which makes it the standard for body trimmers, shavers, and detailers. No question.


  • Product Name Electric Body Groomer and Trimmer for Men
  • Product Brand Panasonic
  • Price $50.00

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