Introducing: Panacea, the New Minimalist Skincare Brand Inspired by K-Beauty


Courtesy of Panacea

Skin health is paramount where Korean beauty is concerned, and typically, a skincare routine rooted in the country's approach to tradition will feature a thoroughly extensive 10 steps: from cleansers and essences to serums and moisturizers. So you can imagine the intrigue of a brand-new (not to mention gender-neutral) skincare line that boasts skin-loving K-beauty inspiration, with a straightforward three-step regimen.

Enter Panacea (launching today!)—a minimal skincare line featuring a Daily Facial Cleanser ($22), Daily Facial Moisturizer ($46), and Daily Facial SPF ($38). And no, you're not missing anything. The three-product set (known as The Aegis Kit, $92) is intentionally designed to combine the extensive benefits of all 10 products found in a traditional Korean skincare routine into a focused regimen of just three products. (Though co-founder Terry Lee exclusively told us the brand may expand its product offering in the future.)