Apparently, Pamela Anderson Uses a Thong For Her Iconic '90s Updo

She also revealed her go-to concealer and essential crystals.

Pamela Anderson in an updo

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I've loved "what's in my bag" videos for as long as I can remember—in fact, I think there what got me into beauty in the first place—and I think I just found the best one to ever exist: Pamela Anderson's.

On February 8, Anderson took to British Vogue’s Youtube channel to share the contents of her cream Stella McCartney bag—and let slip a major hair secret in the process. In the video, she hops onto a bed in an outfit that's quintessential Pam: a dusty pink oversized shirt and no pants, paired with her staple grey eyeshadow and volume-filled hair.

After dumping all her essentials onto the bed, Anderson walks us through each. She pulls out the Ilia True Skin Serum Concealer ($32), a fan "for hot flashes," CBD oil that she uses for arthritis, and the Kindred Black Aker Fassi Lip and Cheek Flush ($95), which she loves because the bottles are made from blown glass. She then reveals her signature scent, "Love Potion," which she makes herself from ylang-ylang oil and roses from her garden.

Her bag is full of goodies—we'll round out the rest in a second—but the most classic Pam item in there is a pair of pink underwear. "I don’t know why I have a G-string in my purse, but don’t tell me [that] you don’t have a scrunchie,” Anderson says as she starts to tie the thong around her hair, piled on top of her head. “This is the trick of the trade. We’re really flashing back to the ‘90s—the tousled updo always had a pair of panties in them,” she says with a smile and and brow raise. We're unsure if she's totally serious or not, but after tying the thong around her hair a few times, it suddenly appeared: the iconic fluffy Pamela Anderson updo that was all over TikTok last spring.

Pamela Anderson Updo in the 90s

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As for the rest of the bag, she keeps an amethyst crystal that she uses to attract love, vintage oversized sunglasses, Dr. Hauschka Lip Balm ($17), which she says is "very used [and] almost empty," and the Ilia Daylight Highlighting Powder ($34). "Ilia is beautiful. We didn't know about highlighter in the '90s—this is good," she says. Next up is sunscreen, which she admits that she didn't use enough of when she was younger—"I counted my freckles the other day. I have 137 just on my nose; should have worn [sunscreen]." She then plucks a single strip of lashes from her pile, wondering how it got there.

Her essentials also include her former makeup artist, Alexis Vogel's, pot of glitter. "She was my dearest friend who we lost to breast cancer, and she was one of my heroes. She helped come up with this whole fun look," Anderson reveals, alluding to her signaturel Pam updo, thin brows, and smokey eye. "She would be so proud that everybody was taking it on and having fun with makeup. A play she reads for inspiration, a pad of paper for doodling, the key to her hotel room, a pen. and a single kumquat round out the rest of her stash.

Pamela Anderson Updo '90s

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We recently uncovered that Pamela Anderson does, in fact, box-dye her own hair—so it should come as no surprise that she was also behind her iconic updo this whole time. We just didn't expect the secret was a G-string.

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