Pamela Anderson's Signature Bombshell Hair Is Trending—Here's How to Try the Look

Ashley Graham with Pamela Anderson hair


Between those pencil-thin brows, the heavy black eyeliner, and the iconic Baywatch suit, it's impossible to choose just one look that defines Pamela Anderson. But if we had to choose, we'd go with that sexy updo. You know the one: messy curls piled high on her crown, tendrils tumbling down, piece-y bangs perfectly undone. It's equal parts glam and grunge, topped off with a heaping dose of sex appeal. She's even confessed to using a G-string to tie back her iconic locks. Whether she was serious or not, the point stands—this hairdo is just dripping with sex appeal.

Keep scrolling for some of our favorite modern interpretations of the look. Plus, pro hairstylists Gina Rivera and Clayton Hawkins offer all the deets for replicating the style yourself.

Meet the Expert

What It Is

Anderson's signature messy updo is so iconic she resurrected it for the premiere of her Netflix documentary Pamela: A Love Story.

Pamela Anderson rocking her signature messy updo.

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The hairstyle itself is nothing too complicated: a messy, piled-on bun with sweeping side bangs and face-framing pieces—emphasis on the word messy. "After a decade dominated by beach waves and snatched ponytails, her voluminous brushed-out updo is a breath of fresh air," Hawkins says. "I would describe this look as sexy and effortless. The kind of updo that could be let down—in slow motion, of course—with one pin."

Our Favorite Pamela Anderson-Inspired Styles

Looking for inspiration for your own Pamela-inspired 'do? We've got you covered. Scroll on for nine of our favorite takes on the look.

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Sultry Glamour

Kylie Jenner wearing her hair in a messy bun


Styled by celebrity hairstylist Jesus Guerrero, Kylie Jenner gave some serious bombshell energy in her Anderson-inspired updo. For an even sultrier take on an already-sexy style, consider a deep side part like Jenner.

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Bedhead Chic

Dua Lipa with her hair in a messy updo bun


Dua Lipa's easy updo proves that when it comes to this look, messier is better. With her face-framing pieces tucked behind the ear, the focus is on the piece-y bun.

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Refined Finess

Ashley Graham wearing her hair in a messy bun updo


Justine Marjan perfectly executed a more refined take on Pam's go-to for client Ashley Graham. With a slicked-back bun and carefully zhushed pieces, this version is perfect for more formal events and weddings.

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Keep it Curly

Hairstylist Naeemah Lafond really played up the natural curls and texture here. And while the bun itself might be tamer than other takes on the look, the curls add a dimension that speaks for itself.

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Slicked-Back Twist

Millie bobbie brown wearing messy blonode updo

Millie Bobbie Brown rocked another elevated approach to the signature style, opting for no face-framing pieces at all. The result is reminiscent of classic Hollywood glamour—while the messy bun adds a touch of edge.

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Beehive Beauty

Becky G opted for a beehive-like bun that adds a bit of oomph to the look. And, as you can see here, there's no need to worry about a little frizz or some flyaways—it just adds to the grunge of it all.

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Piled Up

Ella Balinska with her hair in a messy updo bun


Ella Balinska's piled-up bun is absolutely stunning—not to mention ridiculously sexy. We love the long tendrils from the bun that hang down on either side.

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Casual and Cute

There's a reason we keep emphasizing the messiness here—this look is all about the effortless, casual vibe. And Kourtney Kardashian seriously delivers with this updo, right down to the choice of tendrils left out in the back.

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2023 Remix

Olivia Hancock with her hair up in a messy updo bun


Our very own Olivia Hancock hopped on the trend too, giving it a 2023 update with a slicked-back base. We're living for the juxtaposition between the tight, smooth pony and the messy, casual bun.

How to Get Pamela Anderson Hair

Rivera calls the hairstyle fun, edgy, and easy to replicate without a whole lot of effort. "Any hair type can create this style," she says. "The trick is to not overthink it. The messier, the better."

Volume is the key here—so slippery, clean hair is not your friend with this style. If you can, opt for second- or third-day hair. Either way, don't be afraid to overload on the texturing spray, Hawkins says. Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to get the look:

  1. Apply a generous amount of volumizing spray or mousse to the roots to give the hair some body. Hawkins suggests using the SexyHair Root Pump Volumizing Spray Mousse ($21). Pro tip: Rivera suggests mixing some gel with the mousse to add some more grit and texture to the hair. Apply a heat protectant of your choice.
  2. Begin to blow-dry the hair, focusing on the bangs and any face-framing pieces you plan to leave out. Rivera suggests using a round brush to create some real volume. Roughly blow-dry the rest of your hair.
  3. Next up, it's time to "bake" the hair, as Hawkins says. "I would invest in a classic hot roller set," he shares. "Trust me: 2023 and 2024 will be the era of hot rollers." If you don't have any, he suggests using a curling iron with a larger barrel—we like T3's BodyWaver 1.75" Ceramic Styling Iron ($170)—and setting your curls with Velcro rollers.
  4. Once the hair in the rollers is cool to the touch, remove the rollers and gently use your fingers to rake through the curls.
  5. Grab your texturizing spray and get to work. Rivera is a fan of Moroccanoil's Texture Spray ($30). You want to add a very generous amount to really get some grit in the hair—this isn't a smooth, neat style, Hawkins reminds.
  6. Now there are two ways you can approach the bun itself. Hawkins suggests twisting the back of the hair up from the bottom, throwing it into a loose and messy French twist, and setting it with a few jumbo hairpins coated with hairspray. Meanwhile, Rivera's go-to method is pulling hair back into a ponytail, wrapping it around into a loose bun with the ends left out, and setting it into place with a hair tie. Both options work effectively; it's simply down to personal preference.
  7. Zhush your hair a bit—you can pull out a few more choice pieces or use a curling iron to curl the ends. Remember: The more effortless-looking, the better.

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