Pamela Anderson's New Swim Collab Includes Her Iconic Red One-Piece

Frankies Bikinis x Pamela Anderson is almost here.

Pamela Anderson wearing Pamela Anderson x Frankies Bikinis

Brianna Capozzi for Frankies Bikinis

Even decades after the show's premiere, everyone still knows what it means to have a Baywatch exit from the water. It calls for running away from the crashing waves, with sunshine glistening off saltwater-soaked skin, feeling confident and hot. Pamela Anderson was essentially the blueprint for this action shot, and the bright red one-piece swimsuit she wore on the show has since been recreated by countless swimwear brands. Now, Anderson is launching her very own line of bathing suits (yes, including that one) with the Pamela Anderson x Frankies Bikinis collection.

Pamela Anderson in a red one-peice swimsuit

Brianna Capozzi for Frankies Bikinis

The Collaboration

Of course a collaboration between the cool-girl bikini brand of the moment and one of the most important swimwear icons of our time makes total sense. But the connection goes much deeper than just a good business decision, as Anderson has actually known Frankies' founder, Francesca Aiello, for her entire life.

Countless stars have moved to Paradise Cove, a Malibu trailer park that celebs like Stevie Nicks, Betsey Johnson, and even Matthew McConaughey have called home at one point or another. Aiello grew up there and was neighbors with none other than Pamela Anderson and her two sons, Dylan and Brandon. So, when it came to creating a swimwear collection together, the pair knew they would tap into their mutual love for cheeky swimwear and the sandy Malibu shore they called home.

“I truly can’t even find the words to express my gratitude to all that worked on this project,” says Aiello on Instagram. “To know Pam is to love her. We met when I was a kid in our little trailer park in Malibu, a real full-circle moment for the two of us. This collection is a reflection of all things Pamela, and all things Paradise Cove.”

Francesca Aiello and Pamela Anderson

Brianna Capozzi for Frankies Bikinis

Anderson also got sentimental about the collab on Instagram, revealing that it's been a long time coming. “Today, after a long year, I can tell you all my favorite ideas and tricks of the trade mixed into my swimwear collaboration with Frankies Bikinis. A dream come true, and who better to do this with than the sweetest girl from Paradise Cove, Francesca Aiello. She grew up before my eyes with my boys—our story is authentic and unique.”

The Collection

Pamela Anderon x Frankies Bikinis

Brianna Capozzi for Frankies Bikinis

The Pamela Anderson x Frankies Bikinis collection was inspired by Anderson's "love of nature and romance," and includes a mix of stringy two-piece bikinis, coquettish floral one-pieces, a lacy tote, and a fun cami featuring a drawing of Anderson alongside nature and animal motifs. While you can get lost in the collection’s gorgeous pastel hues and lace details, it also calls on one of Anderson’s most standout swimwear looks with a bright red one-piece.

“I have been in a bathing suit for most of my life,” Anderson says. “Based on some of my all-time favorites and treasured archives, I created my dream collection. I took everything I loved and put them into these pieces—the high-cut leg, one-pieces with buttons, long ties on the bottoms, cute fabrics and colors, and more.”

To capture the spirit of the ocean, Frankies Bikinis shot the campaign for this collection in the Cayman Islands with photographer Brianna Capozzi and stylist Haley Wollens.

Pamela Anderson in a white bathing suit

Brianna Capozzi for Frankies Bikinis

“Pamela is truly beautiful inside and out; she exudes strength, kindness, love for all living things,” Aiello says. “I have looked up to her for as long as I can remember, and to be able to work on a swimwear line together is an absolute dream come true for me.”

You can shop the Pamela Anderson x Frankies Bikinis collection on May 4 at, and sign up now for early access.

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