Why Not Try Pamela Anderson Blonde This Spring?

Here's how to nail her iconic shade.

Pamela Anderson with blonde hair

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Picture this: You’re in a red one-piece swimsuit, jogging blissfully across the beach, your shimmering golden blonde hair flowing behind you. Wait… are you Pamela Anderson? With the right hair color, you could be. The pop culture icon has been inspiring us for decades with her glamorously tousled blonde hair, smoky eyes and glossy baby pink lips, but channeling her look is easier than you think. All you need is a trusted stylist and a bit of bleach. (You don’t even have to tweeze your brows, promise.)

Ahead, everything you need to know about getting Pamela Anderson's iconic shade of blonde for yourself.

Pamela Anderson with blonde hair '90s

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The Trend

This year has been complete Pam-demonium (sorry), from the release of her memoir Love, Pamela and its accompanying Netflix documentary to Pam-centric tutorials on TikTok to her glam appearances at Fashion Week and in editorial shoots, including walking the runway for Boss and posing for Jacquemus. Her influence can be felt all over the Y2K resurgence, so it’s no surprise that beauty fans want to channel the Baywatch star in more ways than one, including her signature sunny blonde hair color and messy updo—even her skinny brows are back.

“I think what makes her look unique is the fact that it’s the complete opposite of what’s been trending the past few years: ash-blonde hair,” says Theo Pettway, stylist and Davines Regional Master Trainer. Pam’s hair is super light, but it’s not a cool, almost-white Marilyn blonde; instead, it’s a sparkling warm gold like liquid sunshine. “Her golden tresses stand out as more than just a trend. The color is classic and timeless, and the classics never get old.” Pettway also considers Pam’s blonde the perfect complement to her skin tone. “Whether it’s winter or summer, she looks put together.”

Anderson did reveal that she does her hair herself with a box of drugstore color (!!), but unless you’ve had a lot of practice, we’d recommend heading to the salon to let a pro do the transformation—especially if you're starting with a darker base. Anderson, however, appears to have been DIYing her color for quite a long time. "[My mom] taught me how to color my hair from the drugstore," she shares in her documentary. "$5 for a box, and I can do it myself in 20 minutes!"

Pamela Anderson Blonde hair

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How to Get Pam Anderson Blonde

Going (and staying) blonde is a process, even if you’re already working with a pale hair color. Be prepared for regular maintenance and extra care to keep your color looking as iconic as Anderson’s.

“Depending on where you’re starting, you may need to be warmed up,” explains Pettway. “Or maybe you’re too warm, and the tones need to be cooled.” Your stylist will be able to help you nail the trend while flattering your undertones. According to Pettway, Anderson has a base color or shadowing to create depth and keep the color from looking flat and one-dimensional. The key is to look like you’ve been sunning on the beach or in your Vancouver garden.

"Ask for a golden blonde dimensional highlight,” recommends Pettway. “If you are graying, make sure to ask for a neutral color base. This will keep the look of ‘hot roots’ at bay.” If you’re brunette and ready to take the plunge into the world of Pam Anderson blonde, the process may take time, but slow and steady wins the race when it comes to color.

“You should first understand that getting this color will be a process,” Pettway shares. “This may not happen in one day, especially if your hair has been previously colored. A thorough consultation is recommended.”

How to Care For Pam Anderson Blonde

When you think blonde maintenance, you probably think purple shampoo—but not so fast! “A purple shampoo should not be used every day. It can cause overtone, which makes the hair look too cool,” explains Pettway. “If you are looking for Pam’s result, then a purple shampoo is not recommended at all.” If you’re looking brassy and orange, definitely hit it with a purple shampoo to reduce the brassiness, but resist the urge to cool down your color whenever possible. 

Blonde hair needs nourishing hydration and repair, so incorporate a repairing mask or rich conditioner into your routine. Pettway likes Davines’ Heart of Glass blonde care line to enhance, condition and protect your new shade.

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