Cassie Rose Ebner on Personal Style and Why Less Is More

Learn all her inspirations and must-haves.

Palo Santo Studios Cassie Rose Ebner Personal Style

Cassie Rose Ebner/Design by Cristina Cianci

If you’ve been paying attention, chances are you’ve come across Cassie Rose Ebner on Instagram in the past year. You know those always-sold-out, neutral-toned sweats with the recognizable "Peace on Earth" lettering and a perfect ‘90s silhouette? That’s the first product offering from Ebner’s showroom and creative agency, Palo Santo Studios. And while we love the label's ultra-cool yet laid-back aesthetic, we also can’t help but obsess over Ebner’s equally covetable personal style. 

A Los Angeles native, Ebner combines sportswear and West Coast minimalism with menswear and pieces from under-the-radar brands and designers, many of which are clients and collaborators for Palo Santo. We spoke to her about creating her own agency, her personal style, and why smaller brands really can be best. Keep reading to learn where Ebner finds inspiration, her list of must-have items, and more.

Cassie Rose Ebner of Palo Santo Studios

Cassie Rose Ebner/Design by Cristina Cianci

When did you start your showroom and creative agency, Palo Santo Studios? What fueled that desire? 

I started Palo Santo Studios in 2017. I had been working in the wholesale side of the fashion industry for about six years, and wanted to flex my creative muscle. My mentor and employer at the time had graciously taught me everything she knew about wholesale, but the creative side was a new chapter I’d need to face on my own. I love evolving and expanding, so this was the perfect opportunity for me to do that. 

How would you describe Palo Santo Studios (PSS)?

Palo Santo Studios is a creative studio. This term is often attached to a branding agency or other forms of B2B creation, but I like to think of it as a blank canvas for creating anything to propel brands (and people) forward in this new space of conscious creation and fashion. In more technical terms, we have multiple divisions: a wholesale agency, a production studio, content creation, digital brand support, a photo studio, and our own in-house brand. 

Our community is based on the idea of making the world a more beautiful place through conscious, slow fashion. The brands we work with or represent might be small, but they are making big changes in the fashion industry. There’s always a conscious or "give back" element to what we do, and I hope to create more IRL moments in 2021 and going forward. 

What are your main inspirations?

Less is more. Stripping away everything that is unneeded, and revealing raw beauty, organic radiance. Simplicity does not mean less effort; it means more focus and thoughtfulness. I am actually working to transition the in-house brand for PSS to just be PALO. I love the idea of one, simple word that embodies a conscious community of people who care about the world, but also elevated design and sustainably focused fashion. 

Palo Santo Studios Peace on Earth Sweatshirt

Cassie Rose Ebner

How would you describe your personal style? 

My personal style is an expression of my authentic soul. It changes every day based on my moods or feelings, but what’s most important to me is comfort, timelessness, and having fun. 

I love a high-low mix. To me, there’s nothing cooler than a pair of $18 vintage pants from Poshmark, an old ribbed tank or T-shirt, Chanel loafers you’ve saved up for, and a vintage designer bag you snagged a great deal on. 

That being said, some days you may find me dressed head-to-toe in emerging designers from SSENSE with an obscene price tag, and other days I might just be in old sweats with Merrell Hydro Mocs. I love finding small designers and investing in a really unique piece from them and cherishing it forever. Every piece is an investment; I never think of something for short-term wear, as I always want to love it so deeply that the clothing becomes a part of my identity. 

Any "must-have" items when it comes to wellness/beauty or personal style? 

Self-care: Morning meditation and journaling (I currently use Benshen to guide my practice), laying out in the sun (I'm a true Southern California girl), coffee in my Rachel Saunders mug, and Lunya's Washable Silk Pillowcase.

Beauty: Laneige's Lip Sleeping Mask, aloe vera (I put this all over my body and gel my baby hairs with it, too), a facial with Amy Velten every 3-4 weeks, Joanna Vargas's Vitamin C Face Wash, KD Skincare's Deep Blue Hydration, seaweed shampoo, Zitsticka patches, and embracing my naturally curly hair.

Fashion: Salomon sneakers, a Palo Santo Studios sweatsuit, Chanel loafers, vintage Ralph Lauren, my puffed mariner link chain necklace, and my boyfriend's closet.

Palo Santo Studios Sweatsuit

@palosantostudios and Cassie Rose Ebner/Design by Cristina Cianci

Wellness: Daily movement—hot yoga, pilates, and SoulCycle; Alexis Smart Flower Remedies—I’m on Peaceful Worrier right now; Erewhon; fresh fruit; and lympthatic drainage massages every six weeks with @detoxbyrebecca.

What are the main sources that impact your personal style?

My inspiration behind my personal style is always evolving. I studied art and design, so I naturally have an eye for composition and color. Right now, I’m inspired by:

Classic Pieces: I’m always looking back to timeless essentials that have transcended time and space, and try to honor those iconic moments in my wardrobe. 

My Boyfriend: I shop my boyfriend’s closet pretty much every day before deciding what to wear. He has one of the most refined eyes for design and style I’ve ever seen, so I really trust him and feel inspired by his unique lens for fashion. I’ve also always loved unisex styling, so pulling straight from the source helps my outfits feel authentically ambiguous—which is super intriguing to me.

Cassie Rose Ebner Personal Style

Cassie Rose Ebner/Design by Cristina Cianci

Interior Design: My forever interior inspiration is La Fabrica by Ricardo Bofil, where he repurposed an old cement factory in Spain to be his home and office. I’ll never stop finding ways to incorporate this into my house, office, and wardrobe.

The Human Form: Organic, raw, intuitive—there’s nothing more beautiful than the nature of the human body. I’ll always be in love with my curves and how to best embody them gracefully in clothing. 

My Spirituality: A lot of my personal style expression is actualized through my meditative processes of connecting with my deepest authentic self. Anything that makes me feel magnetic and radiant is where I go. 

Birthday Girl: My friend, Keely Murphy, is a stylist who owns the brand Birthday Girl. Although my style is very different from hers, I look to her to be informed of what’s next since she’s always 12 months ahead of things. 

HFL Photography: My friend Hannah Faithlord is a photographer and she shoots most of the PSS projects. Her photography eye has been an amazing way to help share my personal style, and I’m so grateful for her lens. 

Wolf Circus: My friend, Fiona Morrison, owns the brand Wolf Circus, which is one of my long-standing clients—she’s been with me since day one. Fiona has always been an inspiration to me. Her brand is a staple for my go-to jewelry pieces, and her effortless Acne Studios-meets-skater boy style has always been a fun contrast to my LA-girl vibe. 

For more from Cassie Rose Ebner or her creative agency, Palo Santo Studios, follow along at @cassieroseebner and @palosantostudios.

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