Legs Don’t (Fake) Tan? Here’s How to Fix It

self tanner legs closeup

Dina Issam / Getty Images

Have you ever noticed that your legs take longer to tan in the sun? According to Carrot Sun Tan Accelerators, the areas of the body furthest from your heart take longest to tan. And, of course, your legs are often more sheltered than higher points of the body such as your face and shoulders. That all makes sense, but why, then, does a fake tan not always take well to the lower legs? We posed this question to Cocoa Brown founder Marissa Carter, who revealed the answer. Keep scrolling for the clever hack for tanned legs every time, plus our edit of the best fake tans.

“It’s really common to find that your legs below the knees are often left paler than the rest of your body after washing off your guide tan,” says Carter. “The reason is that your skin is thinner in this area, so fake tan doesn’t develop as well.

“Before applying fake tan, glide a lemon across your lower legs. The low pH of the fruit helps the DHA (the active ingredient in fake tan) to develop the color quicker and more effectively,” she explains.

Since we're tentatively starting to pack away the opaques and bare our shins under a midi skirt (we haven't completely lost our minds), we'll be adding lemons to our weekend shopping list and fake tanning with one of these.

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