Pack The Perfect Carry-On With MeUndies Assortment of Underwear and Loungewear

Calling all new and experienced travelers

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To date, I’ve traveled to 86 cities in my life. I love immersing myself into another culture, learning a new language, making lifelong friends, and trying new food. You can imagine how different the last 18 months have been. Equally, you can imagine my excitement now that travel is an option and my social calendar has repopulated.

With that being said, I’ve had a lot of time to master my packing list—whether for a weekend getaway or week(s)-long trips. But it wasn’t always this way. In fact, finding the right clothing items and perfecting the tetris game of fitting it all in a carry-on bag is a journey in trial and error: How many outfits or underwear do you bring? What items can be worn more than once? Should I prioritize comfort over fashion, or is there a happy medium?

Rest assured, you can still be comfy (and stylish) while you travel. Enter: MeUndies, the Los Angeles-based subscription underwear, swim, and loungewear companyhere for all your travel needs. 

Ahead, discover the five essential travel packing tips and tricks, and my favorite MeUndies pieces, to ensure a successful trip. Some might be new, some are tried-and-true, but all will lead you to a perfectly curated selection of clothes and a packed carry-on that dreams are made of.

Select A Suitcase That Will Work For You, Not Against You

As someone who is used to taking quarterly long-haul flights, I always opt for a hard-shelled suitcase with organized compartments. It has single handedly been the greatest tool in teaching me how to pack efficiently, as having separate compartments for my shoes, underwear, clothes, and potential evening wear makes for a more streamlined trip. 

To maximize the space in my suitcase, I always travel with a small toiletry bag packed with lip balm and lipstick, hand sanitizer, moisturizer, toothbrush and toothpaste, sunscreen, body wash, and mascara. I invest in travel-sized toiletries or reusable 3 ounce bottles to avoid lugging around bulky full-sized skincare products.

Once my clothes are all packed, I will lay flat an empty foldable duffle or tote to store all my future global treasures. This tactic has been great for souvenirs, either for myself or family. Oftentimes, it saves me from paying overweight baggage fees for my carry-on.

Focus on Breathable Intimates

For day-of travel, especially lengthy flights, I want my intimate travel wearunderwear, bra, and socks, to be comfortable and feel incredibly soft. And there is no one that does that better than MeUndies. 

Available in multiple types and colors, MeUndies uses MicroModal, a sustainable fiber made from beechwood trees for their core underwear and bralettes. This fiber not only prevents pilling and sagging but has the most silk-soft feel to itmaking flying and vacation days a breeze. The brand's bralettes utilize the same fun, color pop prints as their underwear. And they have several different styles of support.

My favorite for flying is their T-back bralette, as it has a dual-layer jersey fabric in the front and an adjustable elastic back strap that won’t pinch your skin or fall downperfect for my small shoulders. The bralette feels natural and is made without underwire so that I forget I’m even wearing it. 

MeUndies also has socks to match. I like to wear no-shows with sneakers while commuting to airports and going through TSA. I typically switch to their crew socks on the airplane to combat in-flight chill. As a bonus, all their socks have a thin elastic band to prevent sagging and a silicone grip on the heel to prevent slip.

If you aren’t already opening a new tab to view these products, let me tell you, you can also match your mask to your socks, making the TSA line a little more fun.

MeUndies bralette

Travel In Your Bulkiest Pieces

Simply put, it’s not economical to wear your lightest clothing and pack your heaviest, regardless of climate. The same rule applies to footwear. A strategic approach to packing your carry-on will make any trip much easier. 

When departing for a trip, I’ll always wear my heaviest items (coat, jeans and pants, or platform shoes) to optimize space inside my case. Of course if you are traveling in the colder months, the majority of the clothes you bring might be bulky. In that case, pack clothes upright, almost like you’re filing things. This will make your items easy to see when unpacking and takes up less space in your suitcase, while preventing wrinkles. 

Over the years, I’ve found that when I am intentional about what I’m packing it makes getting dressed easier and I am able to enjoy my trip a lot more because everything is clear and organized. 

Narrow Down Your In-Flight Essentials

Regardless of the length of the flight, I am a stickler for getting my daily water intake (about 11 cups per day for adult women) in. I always bring a reusable water bottle to avoid buying expensive airport water. Plus, post flight, you can also use the bottle for juice or other beverages throughout the trip.

I never go on a trip without my bright colored leather traveler's pouch that is easy to spot in my carry-on and houses all my important documents: passport, boarding pass, luggage tags, accommodations, cash, and cards. The pouch also doubles as a clutch for evenings out once I land.

I enjoy watching movies in the air and can always be found with two different types of headphones. One old school pair with cord to fit the 3.5 mm headphone jack that most aircrafts have, and another for listening to music or books on my phone. 

And although I run warm, something about the in-flight air always has me reaching for my modal crop hoodie. It’s breathable and always keeps me warm or temperature regulated during flights and on trips. 

And since you can never fully predict the weather, long sleeves and t-shirts are always at the top of my packing list, regardless of the season. Underneath my hoodie, you’ll find me in the daily crew tee. Although the brand has four different colorways, I opt for this classic tee in black. 

It’s become a staple in my carry on and general on-the-go moments because it matches with everything, has great structure, and with the blend of super-soft MicroModal and organic Stretch Cotton fabrics, you literally won’t want to take it off.

Invest In Apparel That Can Be Worn Over And Over Again

Since bottomspants, sweats, skirts, or shortstend to be heavier and more bulky when packing, I take just a few and a plethora of tops that I can throw over with it. For me, it’s all about packing a minimal quantity of comfortable travel clothes that can perform well in all circumstances.

MeUndies organic stretch cotton collection is strategic in providing the ultimate breathable and versatile clothes. The collection has underwear, bralettes, T-shirts, and socks that have great stretch and are ultra softperfect for all your travel outfits and everyday wear. 

I also like packing a solid colored Modal tank dress for moments when I’m lounging in the room or when I am exploring the town. I think of this dress as the perfect one-in-done outfit. It can be worn during the day casually or dressed up with a heel and accessories for the evening. It takes out the guesswork for a perfect, versatile vacation fit.

While you can purchase individual items, MeUndies offers subscription services that make building your undie collection easy and fun, while also giving you a site-wide membership discount. All monthly subscribers receive a new pair of underwear from one of three collections: FeelFree (feather-light waistband), original (no rollback waistband), and Breathe (super-stretchy and sportyanti-odor). You’ll be set for all your upcoming trips and beyond. 

Their items are not only packable and versatile, but body temperature regulating for a comfortable fit on all body types and all activities. Whether you’re lounging around, embarking on a strenuous hike, or enjoying a day at the beachwherever your next trip might take you, MeUndies has all you need to ensure a perfectly curated carry-on and vacation.