Overtone Just Announced a Damage-Free Way for Brunettes to Go Rose Gold

Before you continue reading (and if you're a blonde who has always yearned for rose-gold strands sans damage or commitment), run don't walk to Overtone's website and add its Rose Gold Deep Treatment ($29) to your cart (for the sole reason that it's industry-changing, amazing, and was previously back-ordered). If you want to receive your tub of rose-gold magic without any hold ups, we suggest snagging yours ASAP before they're sold out again. Fingers crossed.

But now that that's settled—back to the brand's top-selling product in question: a rose-gold iteration of the same best-selling formula but for brown hair—a mic drop color combo that previously has been considered a bit hyperbolic.

Historically speaking, to achieve a rose-gold hue, you'd have to start out with a light blonde base. And if you weren't already there, you'd have to endure some initial bleach damage to reach the end goal of rose gold—not a great option if you're looking to preserve the health of your mane. So as an answer to the consumer's call for a rose-gold depositing product that would work for blondes and beyond, Overtone specifically formulated a product to answer customers' prayers by supplying them with a 100% damage- and commitment-free alternative. (The products are unique in that they don't require bleach or pre-lightening prior to application.)


"Our original rose gold was incredibly well-received—it sold out just three days after we launched in late November [2018]," said Liora Dudar, the brand's co-founder. "It's one of those shades that is creative yet subdued. Rose gold is very wearable for those who want to get in on the rose-gold trend but don't want to commit to bleaching their hair." Exciting, right?

However, it is worth noting that the end result of the rose-gold hue on brown hair will vary depending on your natural color and won't have the same light salmon tone a rose-gold blonde would have. Instead, think more of a golden auburn, which we think looks just as good.

For maximum color deposit, apply Overtone's Rose Gold Deep Treatment to dry hair. Reapply whenever hair feels dry or needs a surge of extra color.

"Rose Gold Deep Treatment for Brown Hair will look its brightest on light brown hair and achieves a subtle tint on medium and dark brown hair," the brand tells us. And because the product is bleach-free and won't actually lift and lighten the hair chemically, it won't be effective on ultra–dark brown or pure black shades. One last reminder: If you're blonde, the brand recommends taking our earlier word of advice and opting for the original formula for best results.

Overtone Rose Gold Deep Treatment for Brown Hair $29

As with the rest of the brand's family of pigmented conditioners, the newest rose-gold shade is specifically formulated to keep hair looking vibrant, healthy, and damage-free. Plus, it's an effortless addition to your current haircare lineup and shower routine. According to the brand, you can use the treatment to maintain an existing color job or you can use it if you're interested in experimenting with color for the very first time. (It's a strategic way to dip your toe in if you're dye shy).

Overtone Rose Gold for Brown Hair Daily Conditioner $18

As with all Overtone products, the convenient daily conditioner is manufactured in the U.S.; vegan; cruelty-, sulfate-, paraben-, and ammonia-free; curl-friendly; and doesn't contain any harsh chemical or alcohols. Slightly milder, the user-friendly conditioner is designed to deposit a lighter hand of pigment but maximum shine and health payoff.

Next up, the brunette version of rose gold is ridiculously pretty.

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