11 Overnight Masks That Made Our Skin Look Better by Morning

We know that sleep is important, so we won't wax poetic on the subject. You know and we know those fateful streaks when we're far more devoted to our current Netflix flame than our REM cycle typically culminates in the strife and suffering of our mood, productivity, appearance, appetite… the list goes on. But does that mean we'll shorten our remote's nightly workout routine anytime soon? Unfortunately, probably not. (We could make a reference to Archie Andrew's abs, here but we'll restrain ourselves.) 

Therefore, we're super into products like overnight masks that pull an all-nighter to gift our complexions with the smooth, lit-from-within glow à la Leonardo da Vinci's most skin-blessed cherubs. Laden with potent, exotic, and all-around magical ingredients, our favorite overnight masks work while we sleep (even if it's just a measly five hours) to repair and replenish our stressed-out skin. The result: a not so subtle double-take in front of our bathroom mirror the next morning.

Curious to know which formulas our secretly exhausted skin swears by? Keep scrolling for 11 overnight masks that will trick your co-workers, S.O., heck, even your dog into thinking you got a full night of beauty sleep. (And don't worry, your secret is safe with us.)