The 15 Most Overlooked Beauty Brands at Sephora

Sephora: every beauty lover's Disneyland. In fact, someone once asked my friend her what her dream date would be, and her answer was a trip to Sephora. Can you blame her? It's so easy to get lost in the rainbow-colored aisles of beauty products galore. You peruse while your eyes sparkle at the endless possibilities of every product you pass by. It's like catching a strong case of beauty wanderlust. If I ever look at you the way I eye a new launch in Sephora, just know the chemistry is real.

Regulars usually stop by Sephora to grab their go-to products and dip. It's a beauty errand, so you make it quick. Sephora is home to some of the most coveted beauty products on the market—conveniently selling your cult favorites all in one place. But when's the last time you've picked up a product you've never heard of before? We're talking about the products that may not be front and center on the best-sellers shelf but still deliver top-of-the-line results. The newer, more indie beauty brands may be stacked between or behind the OG brands, but they still deserve some love.

Let us put you on to 15 of the most overlooked beauty brands at Sephora we're loving right now. Instead of keeping our love affairs with these brands on the hush, we're spreading the wealth. You heard it here first: These beauty brands are about to blow up.