Women Across America Are Officially Retiring This Makeup Trend

Gone are the days when over-lining your lips was as ubiquitous on the red carpet as designer gowns and camera flashes. Women all over the country moving to make things less precise and more lived-in and blurry. Rather than tracing outside your natural lip line with liner (as a way to make your lips look bigger and plumper), the trend pendulum has swung in the opposite direction and a new lip product has emerged as the next big thing. Enter: lip powders. They're light, practically weightless, and they're meant to be applied with a bit of a popsicle-stain effect. 

Celebrities like Jessica Biel and makeup artists like Violet have posted photos of the technique, and big name brands like Urban Decay, Chanel, and Burberry have launched products to help you achieve the look at home. It makes things easier, naturally, as you can dab on the product with your finger and blend it out on your lips without worrying about staying too carefully inside the lines. No liner, no lipstick. Click the video below for an example of how to do it courtesy of Biel's Emmy's makeup artist, Kara Yoshimoto Bua.