My Hair Broke Off, and Here's What I Did to Fix It


Paley Fairman

Over the past year or two, I've been through somewhat of a hair renaissance. I spent years hating my natural curls, wishing my texture away in favor of a glossier, straighter variety. "You always want what you can't have," was a phrase that plagued my entire existence. Growing up, my mother thought I was crazy, constantly adulating my curls and forbidding me from straightening them. Thank god she did because now they're one of my most cherished attributes. I went from straightening my hair, to clipping in extensions each day for almost a decade, and to blow-drying and curling each strand every morning. Finally, I gave up and accepted my fate as a puffy, frizzy-haired human with curls that are anything but uniform. Truth be told, I've never felt more like me (or gotten as many compliments).

My one vice, though, that remains throughout all of this is my affinity for bright, cool-blond highlights. I color my hair a lot and while it's great for my look, it's pretty terrible for the health and definition of my curls. After my most recent appointment, I noticed a ton of breakage, split ends, dry patches, and really uneven length. I was distraught—but, what could I do? I reached out to my hair guru over at the John Barrett Salon at Bergdorf Goodman, Halli Bivona, for advice. Keep reading to find out how (with her sage advice) I revived my devastatingly overprocessed hair.

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