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The Best Outdoor Activities for Fall, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Pack your flannel.

As the fall season looms near and we bid summer farewell (a bittersweet departure every year) we're getting excited for all things autumnal: cozy layers, spicy candles, vampy makeup, you name it. But, much like last year's entry into crisper weather, we're still living in a global pandemic, one where cases are once again trending upwards. The CDC says we may still resume outdoor activities without a mask, particularly those done with vaccinated friends and family members. And since we're unsure what the future holds, soaking up every last bit of palatable weather before the mercury dips feels vital for our collective mental health.

If you need some inspiration to add to your fall itinerary, ahead, astrologers recommend activities for each zodiac sign. There are quintessential activities like apple picking and pumpkin carving mixed in with some non-traditional autumnal activities too. The one thing this fall will not be is boring, that's for sure. Keep scrolling to read your prescribed activity for fall. 

Aries: Try a new running route

"You're super physical," says Maisy Bristol, an astrologer and tarot reader, of this sun sign. "Sports, workouts, runs—anything that requires you to move your body is a win." To harness that physical energy and satisfy Aries' craving for some friendly competition, grab a vaccinated friend and try to break your own personal records together.

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Taurus: Go apple picking

Taurus is all about the Earthy vibes, so it's no surprise that both Bristol and Lumi Pelinku, an astrologer and spiritual advisor, recommend getting in touch with nature by going apple picking this fall. "As a Venusian sign, you exude such stillness and calm," Pelinku says of Taurus. "Hand selecting each apple pick will be a great reminder of the peace and serenity that you experienced during this outing." Bonus points if you use the apples you pick to make a fall sangria.

Gemini: Buy dinner ingredients at a farmer's market

Gemini loves some spontaneity, which is why Bristol suggests having a surprise farmer's market trip versus an overly planned fall activity. For a friend's night or date night, take a trip to the local market or co-op and whip up a fun dinner based on the fresh, seasonal ingredients you find.

Cancer: Have a bonfire at the beach 

Cancer is a water sign, so any autumn activities near water will be just what you need, Bristol says. Since the weather will be a bit cooler, she recommends cozying up with friends and family around a bonfire at the beach. "S'mores are a definite necessity," she says.

Leo: Carve a pumpkin

"You'll never lose your sense of childish whimsy," Bristol says of Leos, which is why heading to a pumpkin patch, picking the perfect pumpkin, and carving it at home is right up this sign's alley. Plus, Bristol adds, Leos love all things holidays, so having a carved pumpkin outside your door is a must.

Virgo: Explore a new town 

According to Pelinku, Virgos tend to be more reserved, but they love to try new experiences. Grab your best friend or significant other and take a drive somewhere new where you can experience the food and culture (safely, distanced outdoors). Perhaps there's a small street festival or art installation you can check out while taking in the fall foliage.

Libra: Host a clothing exchange party

Fall clothing paired with a fun outdoor social event couldn't be more Libra, Bristol says. As everyone is preparing their closets for the new season, she suggests hosting a clothing exchange party with vaccinated friends. Include good food and wine, and you're all set for a great time. 

Scorpio: Have a scary movie marathon

"As the scorpion of the zodiac, thrillers and scary movies at times can make you feel alive as your adrenaline spikes with each scene you watch," Pelinku says of Scorpios. "As a Pluto-ruled native, you also have a love of indulging with a variety of rich flavors, so making mulled wine while hosting a scary movie marathon can be a fun venture for you and all of your friends." Crisp weather is also so Scorpio. Consider getting a projector, hanging a white sheet, and taking the movie marathon outdoors for a drive-in vibe. 

Sagittarius: Go hiking 

Sagittarius is known as the archer of the zodiac, so hiking is sure to spark joy. "The weather alone in autumn will stimulate this Jupiter native's senses and will inspire Sagittarius to challenge themselves to cross as many trails as they can," Pelinku says. Being a philosophical sign, she adds, Sagittarius will also appreciate the retrospect of the experience of climbing once they reach the top. 

Capricorn: Take a ghost tour

Capricorns can brave through events, and a ghost tour is just the autumnal activity that will put that bravery to the test in a fun way. Pelinku says that as the "levelheaded one in the group," you may serve as the leader of the pack.

Aquarius: Volunteer in your community

This zodiac sign is humanitarian through and through and has a knack for inspiring others with ideas on how to give back, Pelinku says. For fall, she recommends looking into new community organizations where you can volunteer. "Your ability to expand other's visions is a gift and will be what drives you this fall," Pelinku says. Neighborhood cleanups are a great way to show love to your community while also soaking in the last few days of warm weather.

Pisces: Make your way through a corn maze

"As a Neptune-ruled sign, you love to let your imagination run wild with fantasy like a film noir," Pelinku says of Pisces. "Finding yourself in a corn maze can be an adventure to remember." According to Bristol, socializing can be tricky for Pisces to do, so planning this corn maze outing as a group activity can be a fun way to take the pressure off. 

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