Nobody Will Be Wearing These Hair Trends in 2019, According to Hairstylists

It's fascinating the way hair reinvents itself each decade. Just when we thought perms would never resurface, Olivia Munn and Julianne Hough made us consider getting modern, semi-permanent waves. And leave it to Alexander Wang to make claw clips a street style accessory again in 2018. Who knows? Perhaps even our worst middle school 'dos will one day grace the cover of Vogue. Hair is anything if not fleeting, and we deeply anticipate how styles that seem so far removed are reincarnated.

Yet there are those that never again see the light of day. Perhaps they aren't safe for our strands or are simply unpractical, and to those, we call for a moratorium. Curious which of these trends celebrity hairstylists would rather leave in the past than make their way into 2019, we asked them for their honest opinions.