Ask the Experts: How to Make Dated Beauty Trends Feel Fresh

Some trends can stand the test of time (a cat eye, red lips)—others, like the below, not so much. But just because something is out of style doesn't mean it can't be given a modern update. We asked the experts to reimagine the beauty trends they thought were most dated and put a new spin on them. (Read: You can wear them without looking like you traveled back in time in a DeLorean.) Below are eight outdated beauty trends and how to make them current for a day and age in which cucumber melon doesn't consistently permeate the air. 

Crimped Hair

Allover crimped hair was cool back when we all smelled like Victoria's Secret Love Spell, but nowadays you don't see a full-on crimped 'do in the wild very frequently. "Don't throw away your crimper completely," celebrity stylist Felix Fischer says. "Instead of crimping your whole head of hair, select several random sections to crimp and add subtle yet fun pops of texture."

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Chunky Highlights

The modern version of Coyote Ugly–esque chunky highlights is baby lights, according to Cherin Choi, co-owner and colorist at Nova Arts Salon in Los Angeles. This will also allow you to have a more blended grow-out process. 

Chunky highlights

Solid Hair Color

Allover, one-dimensional color is outdated, says Choi. Instead, she recommends "highlights with dimension" to create a pretty allover color that isn't solid.  

Solid hair color with highlights

Heavy Contour

"Skip the super-heavy contour; go for a more natural look using blush and a light bronzer for subtle definition," Mary Irwin, celebrity makeup artist, says. "Apply the bronzer in a three shape around your forehead, cheeks, and jawline for natural glow and definition."

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Dark Lipliner With Light Lipstick

This is so '90s it hurts. Irwin says there are two ways to update this look. One: Ditch the liner entirely. "A lighter lip color makes lips look way bigger anyway," she says. Two: "Line lips with a liner a few shades darker than your natural lip and blend in toward the center. Finish with a lighter lipstick. It gives incredible dimension without the super hard line." 

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Yes, you can have a perm and not look like you walked straight out of a Poison music video. "A perm can be a great option to add texture and body to hair. Plus, it also makes it more low-maintenance. Just wash and go," says Fischer. "To modernize, instead of getting a tight curl and then teasing it to new heights, opt for a larger perm-rod size, which will give you perfect Cali-girl beach-wave vibes."

Wavy hair with perm

Blue Eye Shadow

"Instead of a blue shadow all over, add a subtle pop of color with a blue liner. Try a navy liner instead of black—it looks amazing on brown eyes," Irwin says. As a side note, a bright pop of blue swept across the lids can still look modern, as evidenced by our wellness editor, Victoria.

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Two-Tone Ombré

Instead of ombre, which has a heavy bottom highlight and minimal blending, opt for "blended highlights that start higher up for a softer dimensional blend," Choi says. 

Two tone ombré hair

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