The L.A.-Born Wave Spray I Am Totally Addicted To

Updated 05/29/18
Ouai Wave Spray: Amy Lawrenson with beachy hair
Amy Lawrenson

Ouai's Wave Spray is seriously good. The founder, Jen Atkin, has a knack for creating a vibe with all her clients' hair that is at once both super cool and laid back. Thankfully her product line brings that aesthetic to us because, sadly, unless you're a Kardashian, Jenner or Chrissy Teigen, getting an appointment with Atkin is just not going to happen.

The standout product for me from the line is the Wave Spray (£22). An ingenious formula, the mist won't weigh down fine hair or get lost in thicker textures. It doesn't leave strands crusty, sticky or dried out. What it does do, more importantly, is tease your strands into those perfect loose beachy waves. It's undone hair at its best and means you can spritz towel-dried strands and leave them to dry naturally safe in the knowledge that this product has your back. Buh-bye, bad hair days.

Now, this definitely does work best in naturally wavy and curly hair types. On straight hair, you might want to tong it a little with a wand before misting with this. The GHD Curve Soft Curl Tong (£120) is brilliant at creating natural-looking waves and curls.

The scent isn't what you would expect; most wave sprays designed for creating beachy hair smell like holiday (i.e., coconuts), but this is shot through with Ouai No2, a floral fragrance. It refreshes your hair with a blend of notes including bergamot, rose, amber, sandalwood and white musk. Yep, you can use this mist on dry hair too; used this way it will reactivate your hairstyle on day two and beyond. You can also direct it into your roots to boost the volume.

While I'm lucky that my hair dries naturally wavy, this helps to enhance the texture, dull the frizz and tame my hair for a more refined style. More cool-girl bedhead, less dragged through a hedge, and that's definitely worth shouting about.

Ouai Wave Spray
Ouai Wave Spray $22

Layered haircuts are making a comeback. (Honest—we have proof!).

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