We Have Great News for Ouai Haircare Fans

We're suckers for good-smelling hair products. And if we're being completely honest, sometimes the scent alone of a shampoo or hairspray is reason enough to love it. But in the case of Ouai hair products, they smell like heaven and work extremely well. (Have you tried the Dry Shampoo, $24? We're obsessed.) So if you're like us and also can't get enough of the intoxicating musky jasmine scent, we come bearing good news: You'll soon be able to purchase a Ouai perfume (we know).

For Jen Atkin, formulating a stand-alone scent seemed like a natural progression of the widely popular line: "I'd never found a haircare line that didn’t smell like an old lady or a little kid—there weren't really modern, cool scents," she tells Into the Gloss. So since there's been such great feedback on the scent, Atkin's dreamt up a perfume that bears the same Ouai scent you know and love. Says Atkin, "I wear it all the time, it's a rollerball, and I'll mix it with Kai." 

Unfortunately, you won't be able to wear eau du Ouai until it launches next year, but you can keep treating your strands to the lovely scent in the meantime. 

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