Let's Be Honest, Bangs Were the Real Winner of the 2021 Oscars

Even celebrities got into the quarantine hair craze.

margot robbie


While there was no shortage of glam looks at the 93rd Academy Awards, it's clear what the evening's biggest (or shortest, as the case may be) beauty winner was. Tonight's red carpet was awash with freshly cut bangs on several A-list heads, from Glenn Close's voluminous silver set to Andra Day's Grecian tumble of curls.

It's almost as if celebrities had the exact same quarantine bangs idea we did, except I'll bet none of them did it themselves at 1 a.m. (Anyone else?). No matter how they were styled or what custom gown they were paired up against, to wear bangs on the 2021 Oscar's red carpet was to steal the show.

Andra Day was one of the first stars to debut the hair trend when she arrived at the ceremony, dressed in a radiant gold gown, warm makeup, and a romantic pile of curls featuring a cascade of eye-skimming bangs. Styled by celebrity hair sculptor Tony Medina, her soft but structured curls were formed with the help of GHD hot tools, he shared on Instagram. Salon-favorite Schwarzkopf Professional products were used on Day's curls, according to Medina, like the instantly moisturizing Fibre Clinix Hydrate Booster ($30), made with squalane for maximum hydration.

Margot Robbie surprised onlookers (both virtual and those camped out across Hollywood Boulevard) when she arrived at the awards in a silver gown offset by a new, muted gold hair color and some lightly tousled, lash-length bangs framed by slightly longer, jaw-length pieces. Robbie's longtime hairstyle Bryce Scarlett is responsible for the casual-glam fringe, no doubt already flooding hair inspo Pinterest board across the country. Scarlett first used a palmful of GHD Body Goals Total Volume Foam ($25) in Robbie's wet hair for volume and hold, then spritzed on a protective coat of GHD Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray ($25) before blow drying with a round brush and then curling with an iron.

H.E.R., Glenn Close, and Maria Bakalova all made the case for sideswept bangs, and each put their own spin on the classic style. Glenn Close shared a photo of herself all clipped up and sipping a cocktail before her hairstylist Mark Townshend styled her short, textured bangs. H.E.R.'s side-parted style is all Old Hollywood glamour and Jessica Rabbit sex appeal, right down to the flirtatious, artfully-arranged bangs covering one eye. The delightfully dramatic hair, complete with swirling baby hairs, comes courtesy of celebrity stylist Nina Monique. Keeping things classic, Maria Bakalova and her hairstylist Byron Williams channeled Grace Kelly with her own pale blonde bangs curled and parted to the side.

H.E.R. 2021 oscars


But really, if we're going to talk about bangs at the 2021 Oscars—or even the 2021 Oscars at all—we have to talk about Halle Berry. The Oscar-winner first teased a mystery haircut on her Instagram earlier today before debating the real thing hours later: a textured, shoulders-clearing bob and tousled baby bangs in a warm, highlight-streaked brown.

Though Berry's obviously no stranger to close-cropped hair (you might as well put a 2002 picture of her next to the very definition of "pixie cut"), it's always exciting to see the star switch it up again. Created by hairstylist Sara Seward, it's safe to say Halle and her haircut absolutely swept this year.

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