Oribe Beauty Already Has a Waiting List


Lindsey Metrus

Oribe haircare has been known as one of the most coveted hair brands in the world. Hair gurus, celebrities, stylists, and lovers of all things luxe admire this renowned brand, and it’s not hard to see why. Perfecting one aspect of glamour and moving on to the next, the company is shifting gears in a new and exciting direction, introducing 21 products ranging from skincare, makeup, and hair tools and accessories. The collection embodies everything Oribe stands for: Using high-end ingredients and exclusive, custom formulas that are expertly crafted for women all over the world to express their personal style and sophistication in the most lavish way.

The range of products will include a little bit of everything: Three nail lacquers, two illuminating face palettes, three cream lipsticks in iconic shades of violet, red, and nude, and a full skincare regimen, including a daily cleanser, face mask, rich night cream, hydrating facial oil, a chic lip treatment, as well as the sweetest-smelling body wash and cream you’ll ever use. But that’s not all—the line also boasts Italian handcrafted brushes, hair dryers, and gold-plated hair accessories that will elevate any hairstyle. 

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