7 Important Beauty Rules From Natural Skincare Line Founders

Recently, I met a group of really wonderful people at a networking event, and what first struck me was how much they radiated beauty. But not in the way most celebrities do. This felt different… effortless. When I approached them, I came upon a conversation about all-natural beauty products and what it means to live a balanced life. What they all had in common, I realized (other than otherworldly skin), was a completely organic beauty regimen. Because I had recently dipped my toe in the all-natural pond, I wasn’t totally surprised that the goodness they were putting in and on their bodies was really working for them.

In an effort to look more naturally gorgeous like these lovely ladies, I collected advice from a bunch of small businesses that make their living selling effective, all-natural beauty products. I asked them to explain their businesses as well as suggest their number one beauty rule—because if anyone can get you glowing, it’s these experts.

Etta + Billie

Etta + Billie creates locally inspired, sustainable bath and body products combining a holistic view of self-care and the unique food culture of San Francisco. Each product is made in small batches using certified organic or fair-trade oils, organic botanicals, and natural essential oils—absolutely no artificial colors, additives, or scents. The result: divine-smelling soaps, scrubs, and lotions that leave your skin clean, hydrated, and silky smooth. 

“Always read the ingredient list! If you feel iffy about an ingredient, read up on it and decide if it’s something you want on your skin. My big no-no ingredient is synthetic fragrance. My brands of choice are Etta + Billie, Laurel Whole Plant Organics Masks, Suki Cleanser, and Aesop Primrose Facial Cream.” — Alana Rivera, founder of Etta + Billie