6 Organic Foundations You Can Feel Good About Applying

As much as we seek out organic ingredients for our food, we don't always consider how clean and green the ingredients are in the beauty products we use on our skin every day. Though we're not ingesting them, the formulas are still going right onto (and often into) our pores and sitting on our skin all day, every day. For that reason, the ingredient lists on your go-to beauty products are worth looking into.

When you're auditing your current makeup collection or choosing new products to invest in, differentiating between "natural" and "organic" isn't always easy, and finding certified-organic beauty products isn't common. For those looking to clean up their beauty routine, a smart first step is with your foundation. The six organic foundations below boast natural ingredients that not only provide full coverage but also work to better your skin with hardworking botanicals and antioxidants. These are clean formulas you can feel good about applying.