7 Organic Deodorants That Actually Work

Finding a good deodorant that smells good and actually absorbs moisture without staining your clothes is already really hard. Throw in the "all-natural" requirement, and you think you'd be climbing an uphill battle. 

Thankfully, this is the wellness age. Natural beauty products aren't just trendy items anymore. More and more people are interested and invested in knowing what exactly is being put in and on their bodies. We now know natural beauty products are just as good, and sometimes rival, their more conventional counterparts.

That holds especially true when it comes to the deodorant department. To make the organic deodorant search so much easier for you, we've rounded up a couple that we're loving right now. They not only keep sweat in check, but they are made with the purest ingredients and smell amazing. See below for the organic deodorants that actually work.