As a Treat: 14 Orange Creamsicle Manicures to Try This Summer

orange manicure with orange floral accents

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When we think of the colors that perfectly capture summer vibes, light oranges—remniscent of creamsicles and orange Julius—is high on that list. Beyond being around us in the elements, orange is a perfect punchy hue that upgrades any summer wardrobe or beauty look, especially when it takes form in a manicure. There are many creative ways to incorporate shades of orange in your nail look, from sunset-inspired ombré to creamy creamsicle. Ahead, find a range of orange nail art ideas worth recreating in the weeks and months ahead.

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Abstract Orange Jelly Nails

orange jelly nails on a woman's nails


These orange jelly nails are giving juicy papaya, dirty martini, and funky '70s vibes all at once and we're here for it.

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Groovy Peach

multi patterned orange and pink nail designs on almond shaped nails


Checkers, smiley faces, retro waves, and yin-yang designs make this multi-shade orange nail look the ultimate happy set. To create it, nail artist Dayanna Sapiens used DND Gel ($8) in the shades Sweet Yam, Pastel Orange, Pink Bubblegum, Sheer in the City, and Sunset Suede.

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Haute Hawaiian

orange french tip nails with flowers


This summer mani tracks on so many levels. From the shimmery orange French tips to the Y2K Hawaiian flowers, this is one nail look that's bound to turn heads.

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Peach Ombré Nails

Peach Ombre Nails


These juicy peach ombré nails are the perfect low-maintenance summer set that'll still turn heads without being over the top. The nude base also makes it easy to hide your natural nails once the manicure starts to grow out.

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Creamsicle Flowers

woman's hand with orange floral manicure

@lolo.nailedit / Instagram

You can never go wrong with an accent nail, but these dainty, creamsicle-colored florals are the perfect way to take the orange trend for a spin without fully committing.

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Pink and Orange Swirl

Pink and orange swirl nails


Not ready to kiss Barbie pink goodbye but wanting to hop on a new color trend train? Combine the two for a hot summer nail look that will earn you endless compliments.

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Mango Moment

orange, yellow, and green ombre nail art on almond nails


Neons will always be popular during summer, making this orange-accented electric nail look more interesting. To recreate the look, you'll need OPI Nail Lacquer ($12) in the shades Flex on the Beach, Stay Out All Bright, Summer Monday-Friday, I’m Yacht Leaving.

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2-Tone Orange Tips

two toned orange tips on coffin shaped nails


Can't choose just one orange shade for your nails? You don't have to. Here's one way you can incorporate multiple shades into one hot mani.

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Mango Colored

women's hand with mango orange nails


When in doubt, picking a solid orange hue with a slight shimmer is a great color choice for sunny weather. Better yet, it's easy to DIY if you want to save yourself a trip to the salon with the shade 'Mango For It' from OPI.

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Orange Dewdrop Nails

orange dewdrop nails on coffin nails


Dewdrop nails are growing in popularity here in 2023, which means these 3D mango nails are a fashion statement all on their own.

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Abstract Pink and Orange Nails

abstract pink and orange nails on short round nails


You can dress up your vivid orange mani with abstract spots to make them more detailed. This is also perfect if you're DIY-ing your nails because they don't have to match perfectly on each hand. 

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Pink and Orange 3D Accents

pink and orange ombre dew drop nails on long coffin nails


This mani is especially fun thanks to two of the year's hottest colors and juicy 3D accents crafted with builder gel. The lengthy coffin shapes also add an element of drama if you're into eye-catching manicures.

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Hot Orange Art Deco Nails

hot orange floral nail design on short nude nails


Sure, hot orange nail polish makes a statement all on its own, but what if you used it to make an art deco print really pop?

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Sunset Horizon

yellow and coral faded nails on tan hands


Mimic the shades of the sunset by incorporating yellow shimmer at the base of your nails and blending coral-orange at the tips so the colors melt together. 

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